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Sep 1, 2011 09:48 AM

Sahara - New Brunswick

had occasion to visit my son at Rutgers and I suggested dinner in town, in a town that is rich with a of opportunies. Have dined at quite a few, and opted to try Sahara, a Mediterranean bistro up the road on Easton Ave.

Reasonably priced, I suggested to my son that he could do far worse as to eating in town as he now lives off campus. Healthy food, salads, etc. that are affordable to even a student on a stipend and far better than those hellacious 'grease trucks'.

Started off with a phylo appy with feta and dill with a cream dipping (tzaziki sp?) sauce.

I ordered a shrimp kabob with Turkish spices that had the plate filled with long grained rice (w/almonds), pickled red cabbage, fresh tomatoes, and a wonderul bulghur. We both ordered the lentil soup which was extraordinarily good. He ordered the Shwarma (essentially a lamb based cutting ala gyro) on his plate with essentially the same sides as I.

Next time I'm in NB with my better half for a show, a game etc, I'm going to check this place out again and begin exploring the menu a bit more. Good stuff.

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  1. My friends and I ate here before I moved away. It was a lovely lunch. Totally agree on the lentil soup - it's amazing.

    1. There was a tread about this restaurant perhaps a year ago and the general consensus was that it was pretty decent as I recall.

      1. I used to work at Lincoln School directly behind Sahara and we used to get lunch there sometimes. As I posted in the last thread about them - get the red lentil soup! It's a little spicy and very good. The sandwiches were good as well, but only the soup is worth going out of your way for.

        1. I can't agree with any of the positive reviews of this place--we had dinner at Sahara earlier this year, the special was lamb shanks, one of my faves. It had no discernable character at all--bland and boiled tasting. We don't intend to return.

          1. Of all the places along Easton Ave, I thought Sahara is one of the better ones if you like something that is outside of plain boring chain restaurant fare. Appetizers were interesting and tasty. I liked my lamb shanks despite the negative reviews of the previous post. Maybe I have not eaten enough of these elsewhere.

            Sahara Cafe
            , New Brunswick, NJ 08901