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Sep 1, 2011 09:34 AM

"If I have _______ in my kitchen, I can eat."

What is the one or two items that, if you have it in your kitchen, you can make SOMETHING to eat?

For me, it's pasta. If I have some form of pasta, especially if I have some kind of protein to go with it, I will NOT go hungry. I can always make some kind of meal to eat.

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  1. Rice ... I can do a lot of different type of cuisine with it.


    1. I believe it is true for everyone that if they have pasta in their kitchen, they can make something to eat. For example, pasta. I'm curious to find out what other kinds of food work like this.

      1. olive oil and almost any vegetable or eggs with? too long a list

        1. Pasta for me too, I keep a "pasta pantry". And parmesan cheese. With those 2, I can dig through the frig/pantry and always come up with something good, even for company.

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            +1- I like the term "pasta pantry", too.

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              +2 on Pasta Pantry with olive oil and excellent Parmesan and maybe a a couple of anchovy filets. Significant protein and the components can satisfy even the the pickiest in the family.

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                How I'd love to be a "pasta pantry" entry, but Mr Pine doesn't like pasta (shouldn't that be some kind of a crime?). For us, ingredients would be eggs and cheese, and can I add 1 more--tomatoes. Can always forage something outta that.

            2. Black beans. Even when made with fairly sad ingredients (garlic powder if I'm out of real garlic, a can of V-8 instead of broth, etc.) a black bean soup is never that bad.