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Sep 1, 2011 02:18 AM

Padstow / Port Isaac Special Occasion Restaurant

Lots on the boards about Cornwall, but I'm having trouble finding an exact recommendation for my question.

If you had to choose a restaurant in Padstow or thereabouts (we're staying in Port Isaac) to celebrate an anniversary and also your first time out alone after the birth of your first child (so, big night out!), where would you go? A combination of great food and lovely ambiance (food slightly more important).

Someone else asked about something "anniversary-worthy", but I didn't see a response to that part of their question.

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  1. There's only one place I'd go for a special meal, and that's Paul Ainsworth's Number 6. It's small but a lovely room, and the service was excellent. Ainsworth is an especially talented chef.

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      Agree - it really punches above it's weight - far better that any of Ricks's places. That said if you can get to the village of Rock (which is the righ side of the estuary) then Nathan Outlaws fine dinerrestaurant Is the best in the area and his cheaper more basic grill is not shabby - I think both are in the St Endocrine hotel. Book cabs both ways the roads are feisty and twisty - far easier to to get to Rock from Port Isaac.

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        Yep, my mistake. I do like some sherry, but only when in Spain.

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            You're mixing this thread with the other one... easy mistake. You don't even like sherry.

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              A minor mix-up is what I guessed, but I just couldn't resist it. Sorry cathodetube.

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            I'm glad you mentioned Nathan Outlaw's place. I had completely forgotten about it. Unfortunately for us, it was closed the day we wanted to eat there, but I'd definitely try it next time.

            1. re: zuriga1

              I just did a 5 day Padstow / Port Isaac trip and had a lovely time. Nathan Outlaw is in a different league, however the overall experience my partner and I enjoyed most was a very small, 20 cover restaurant directly on the Isaac platt called The Harbour. The food is good, home baked breads, well-sourced fish etc, but the place itself is quite possibly the prettiest I've ever seen. Lovely service from the husband / partner of the chef (whose name I forget, forgive me!) too. Their website gives you a better idea then my waffle I think:


              1. re: marcus james

                Bookmarked... sounds like a fine place. We didn't get to Port Issac last time, but a friend is often there, and I'll pass this on in case they've missed The Harbour. It's a great area, isn't it?

                1. re: zuriga1

                  Go. It may not win any Michelin stars any time soon, but there's a real passion behind the entire place and it really is unlike anything I've been to in the U.K. I bet it's fantastic in the cosy depths of winter too.

        1. Fantastic advice, all, thank you. I'll try to book Nathan Outlaw this week. Do you think I'll have any trouble getting a table for next month?

          We're staying just down the road from the Harbour and will definitely stop in while we're there - it sounds lovely!