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Sep 1, 2011 08:35 AM

seafood broth

I'm wondering if anyone out there has ever seen packaged seafood broth. I see all varieties of chicken, beef, and vegetable broths but no seafood.

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  1. Kitchen Basics makes a seafood stock, but I've never seen a broth. You can usually find the stock at your higher end grocery stores.

    1. Check the freezer section at CM where they have the Demi-glacé.

      1. Kitchen Basics Seafood Stock is an all-fish stock (no shellfish). They also have a Clam Stock.

        The "Better Than Bouillon" line includes fish, clam and lobster bases.

        1. Knoor makes fish and shrimp broth cubes, you can usually find them at asian and latin groceries.

          1. There's nothing like the real thing. I use Ajinomoto "hon-dashi" granulated bonito stock in a pinch. Usually available at Korean/Japanese grocers.Sold in small jars, it keeps tightly sealed in the 'fridge for months. Far cleaner taste IMHO than the cubed stuff.