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Sep 1, 2011 07:08 AM

Chocolate Souffle - sauce?

Do you usually serve chocolate souffles with a sauce (poured down the middle I guess)? I've never made/eaten a chocolate souffle before--are they liquid like lava cakes in the middle or are they dry?

Any suggestions for a good sauce? Maybe something like melted vanilla ice cream or a chocolate sauce?

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  1. A rum sauce or white chocolate/rum sauce would be nice.

    1. Never eaten a chocolate souffle? They are lovely! They are sort of . . . . . like a really light and airy pudding sort of . . . . not dense and liquid like a lava cake and definitely not dry (unless they are overbaked into within an inch of their life). They do need to be eaten right when they are cooked as they have a strong tendency to "deflate" quickly (though they still taste good deflated, they just aren't supposed to be like that).

      A sauce - I was going to suggest any riff on a creme anglaise (which is essentially melted ice cream). Anything with orange (like a grand marnier sauce) or raspberry would be nice too. Or even a praline creme anglaise could be nice.

      I don't personally like chocolate sauce with my chocolate souffle as I find it too "chocolately" - I know crazy but true. I like a little contrast if I'm doing a sauce.