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Sep 1, 2011 06:33 AM

Fireside Grill and Bar in Marlboro

Came here last night to test them out. Wings were really good, big size and the sauce is deliscious. You can choose diff flavors, i went with the buffalo sauce. has a perfect tanginess from the vinegar, i recommend em. Fried calimari was good too, it comes with a pink looking sauce thats really good. had braised short ribs...... these were incredible. its a big chunk of rib meat without the bone. put me to sleep lol. theres a ton of tvs in the bar area and i think theres like 30 beers on tap. really cool sports bar atmosphere. ill be heading back here for sure.

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    1. Will probably TOFTT on this place as it is almost in my backyard. I would love to be able to say as many good things as our first time poster nlin79 did. We will see. Thanks for the menu link =M.

      I do like that they have a food challenge where you can win a t-shirt. Hot dogs seem to be a bit pricy at $8, but maybe they are huge. I passed by yesterday and their lot was full - good sign for a new place. But again, we will see.

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      1. re: seal

        Quick update.

        Tried to go for dinner tonight. Parking lot was overfull and hostess told us there was a 90 minute wait. We didn't want to wait so we will try to go for lunch one day. We'll see about the food, but it sure is popular.

        1. re: seal

          We just got home from there. We were lucky & got a parking spot right near the entrance around 5:30-ish. We left about 7:45 & there were a few spots available, but cars were also parked along 79. The place is really nice inside. 40 tvs. There are a bunch of hi-tops in the bar area & those are first come first served. we were lucky & managed to get seats at the bar after waiting about 20 mins. Service was pretty good. Boyfriend had a bar pie which he said could have been done a little more & I had the sloppy joe sliders which were good, but could have been a bit hotter, both temperature & spicy-wise. We'll also be trying it again someday for lunch.

      2. Went for lunch the other day and was not impressed at all. The service was amatuer and the burger tasted like burnt grill. Beautiful restaurant and it may in fact be fine for grabbing some wings and going to watch a game, but its a skip for the actual food.

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          Welcome to CH. Where would you recommend for actual food in the area?

        2. OK, finally went for some quick bar food this afternoon. The place is beautiful in a high class sports bar kind of way. I love the main entryway and the dining space feels comfortable and roomy. While I am praising them, the owners are on premises and as welcoming as anyone I've seen. They are clearly interested in their customer's enjoyment.
          Unfortunately the bacon cheeseburger and wings we had didn't live up to the space. Don't get me wrong, not that it was really bad, it just could have been a lot better. I left thinking about doing one of those food makeovers you see on tv.
          To be specific, the burger, tomato, and bun were all poorly sourced. For $9, I want good, fresh meat with thick jersey tomato on a bun that I would eat all by itself if served plain. Also $9 were the standard order of wings that would have been better just fried and tossed with the sauce. The extra step of grilling them just made them less juicy.
          I will likely be back, but maybe just for some drinks.

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          1. re: seal

            Just wondering if anyone has given this spot another try since their initial visits. We haven't been in that area, so haven't stopped in.

            1. re: Jerzeegirl

              I've been a couple of times in past few months, If passing by, its worth a stop for a salad, burger, sandwich, etc. Not to go out of your way for. Service has been very spotty on each of my visits. If you have kids, they give cotton candy for dessert on the house.

              1. re: jsfein

                Thanks for the update. Usually the only time we pass this place is on the way to Federici's, but we may stop in for a drink on the way home. Don't have kids, but may have to try & score some cotton candy for ourselves.

                1. re: Jerzeegirl

                  We passed here yesterday on the way to Middletown (and then Pete & Elda's!), anything knew about Fireside, good or bad, as we want to give it a try this week maybe? The reviews were mixed in the past.

                  1. re: jethro

                    After 3/4 tries I gave up on the place. Not to say anything in general was that bad but if after 3-4 tries nothing was that good either. It's been close to a year since I've been back. As someone else posted it I'm in the area and looking for a drink/food I would stop again (actually probably just keep driving into Freehold) but it will never be another destination for me.

                    1. re: jrvedivici

                      We drove past there Saturday night on our way to Freehold & the lot was packed, so I don't know if the place has improved or people just go there cause it's close to a couple of big developments & they can avoid going to Rt. 9 or 18. Now if we end up in Freehold for dinner & want a couple of drinks, we go to the Market Yard Grill at the American Hotel.

                      1. re: jrvedivici

                        Only 3 or 4 tries? I thought it was your policy to give a place dozens and dozens.

                        1. re: ebchower

                          The scene to be seen at Fireside is slightly lacking as opposed to some other places I have been trying lately.