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Sep 1, 2011 03:18 AM

Lunch at Bistro Provence in Bethesda

Recently, my wife and I had a mid-week lunch at Bistro Provence, on Fairmont Ave in Bethesda (run by respected local Chef Yannick Cam), and it was absolutely wonderful. We ordered from the daily specials - escargot (sauteed with chanterelle mushrooms and thinly sliced potatoes in a garlic/parsley sauce), duck breast with turnips, and seared scallops on shaved fennel and Parmesan with fresh figs, and a fig and mascarpone tarte for desert. Wow! Beautiful presentations and out-of-this-world flavors all around. The food was perfectly cooked and not over-salted. Service was excellent and the place is very charming; we sat in the lovely courtyard in the back. I can not recommend this place more strongly; the food was better here, in my opinion, than anything we had during a two week driving tour of Provence a few years ago. It was a little expensive - the bill came to $60 for two, without wine (excellent list, but overpriced). We will return.

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  1. Try it on a busy night, chairs packed in back-to-back, with a rude host, a snotty waiter, slow service, corked wine, and $48 entree specials. Then tell me how much you like it.

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      I would not like that at all. Sounds like a completely different restaurant. Good to know.

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        Of course, the corked wine wasn't their doing. You forgot to mention the clamorous din, which can put severe constraints on cozy conversation.