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Where do you get your meat?

Just curious.

I usually get my:

- Hamburgers from Save On Meats. I find $6 for a pack of 6 delicious store made burgers a pretty good deal. I mean I should make them myself but I find this the next best thing. I also find anything else at the store hilariously expensive. Maybe I should look better.

- Stewing beef from Costco. My chili batches are big enough that Costco's bulk sizes are too small. Haven't calculated it but I assume this is the cheapest I can buy 4-5 kilos of decent stewing beef.

- Steaks, pork, whatever good is on special: T&T on Abbott. As a broke-ass grad student I'm naturally attracted to the cheapness. And their steaks are surprisingly good.

I'm always on the lookout for good meat sources, so tell me about your favorite place.

PS: Other than the stewing beef, which I buy in enough bulk that it's justified, I just don't find Costco that cheap for meat. Am I wrong here?

PPS: I was so excited about the butcher shop that opened across the corner from Sunrise Market on Powell and Gore. But then I saw their prices. Even tried going there twice but never could force my hand into my pocket to get the wallet. It just wouldn't do it.

Save On
2838 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K, CA

Sunrise Markets
300 Powell St, Vancouver, BC V6A, CA

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  1. I often go to the Italian stores with butchers shops - Cioffi's on Hastings, and Bosa, although Cioffi's wins on selection and quality. And speaking of meat, has anyone seen the prices of rack of lamb at Costco? in two years the price has doubled.

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      Building on the Italian theme, Columbus Meats on Renfrew is good. Also Windsor Meats on Mackenzie is not Italian (really?) but has some good meat choices http://www.windsormeats.com/ Better quality than TnT probably but also I would quess more expensive. Donalds Markets also has some inexpensive meat.

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        Part of the reason the price of lamb has gone up so much recently is that the main area where they raise lamb in Australia is where they had those horrible floods earlier this year.

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          There is a really handsome guy at the Butcher on 10th -- i forget his name but I dream about his meat.

      2. My favorite butchers are at Supreme Meats in Burnaby (close to 1st and Boundary)
        1725 MacDonald Ave
        Burnaby, BC V5C 4P3
        (604) 299-0541
        It's runs by two chinese brothers from South Africa. They have the best selection of pork products that I've seen and their prices and quality are great. Recently, they've been stocking flatiron steak which is a favorite of mine if you don't mind trimming it yourself. Last time, I asked them for beef brisket. They brought out from the back a whole trimmed beef brisket (about 8lbs) for me. I think it was $2.79/lb. It was amazing....half I made into a delicious beef rendang curry and the other half I made Jaime Oliver's steak and guiness pie. This cut is perfect for stews and anything that requires braising.

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          Homemade rendang?! Can I snag some off you? ;)

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            Do you know if they sell biltong or other south African sausages? I used to go to a butcher shop when I was a kid and was run by chinese south Africans and would love to pop in and say hi if its them. Ps: apologies for not capitalizing chinese and south but on iPhone and it's being a doofus w the autocorrection.

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              Marpole Quality Meats 9247 Shaughnessy St, Vancouver 604-261-4642 makes boerewoors and bitong.

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                I believe they do sell biltong. I haven't tried them but I've heard them talking to other customers about the products. They are very friendly and wouldn't be surprised if they are the same people.

            2. Windsor on main has an excellent selection of regular items. My go to steak is their grass-fed NY, about 8oz/ and about $15 for two. They also are great for special orders, like rouladen and frenched rack of lamb. I'm about to pick up some duck from them for my first stab at home-made duck prosciutto.

              Had a delicious baseball steak at a friend's last month, from beefway meats on kingsway and
              slocan. It was quite good and his story of the butcher's knowing look regarding the order was quite entertaining. I've yet to check it out myself though.

              This summer I've gotten all my fish from the daily catch on the drive, thoroughly excellent folks. An organic butcher is supposedly opening next door to them, but the construction has been at a snail's pace all summer. Rumor has it that the meat will all be frozen, so we'll wait to see.

              I still miss Nasur's halal meat shop that was in the falconetti's location for a couple of years. His rib-eyes were amazing, and his ground beef was always made to order. One time he put some rib-eye fat in the ground beef, it made the best hamburgers ever. Still planning on checking with windsor to see if they could do the same...

              When I was a bike courier in the 90s I would get flank steaks and tri-tips from save on meats for 4 or 5 dollars a piece...

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                I was wondering what is happening that new organic butcher on Commercial. I won't mind if the meat is frozen. It will be like the good old days when Arctic Meats at 1st and Commercial was still in business.

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                  Arctic Meats! I was introduced to the tri-tip steak by their butcher. He would also cut fresh pork tenderloins for regular customers. And they had a very quirky assortment of groceries for sale: vacuum-packed orange cheese, taco mix, pickles... etc. Remembering it makes me want to get out to beefway even more.

              2. The butcher shop across from Sunrise is Big Luu's. They sell premium products, many from Pemberton Ranch. All their products are high quality and great for a splurge.

                At our house we buy a lot of meat from Windsor; they carry Gelderman's pork, which is fantastic, but again is at a bit higher price point. They have a good range of pork and beef. Picked up some grass-fed NY today; I'm sure it will be as good as LeBeep says.

                We also shop at Cioffi's on Hastings in Burnaby and Bosa occasionally. Good quality at reasonable prices.

                I've head good things lately about Beefway Meat, in terms of price and quality, but haven't checked them out yet.

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                  Cheers, Bonlee! How were the steaks?

                  1. re: Le Beep

                    Hey Le Beep, we've been working our way through a Cowichan Bay chicken and some Gelderman's chops this week. Hopefull a BBQ this week, steak and chimichuri

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                      Steak was very nice. Despite being grass fed, tender enough to cut with a table knife, and with a good meaty flavor. Kind of like beef tasted when I was a kid.

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                    Really like the beef I got from Big Lou's! That's my place for steak and ground beef.

                    I get Gelderman farms' pork from their booth at the Vancouver farmers markets. It's hard to go back to T&T pork after that.... And their ground pork isn't really that much pricer than regular supermarkets.

                    I visited Cioffi's and Bosa few weeks ago and like the selection there. But it's a little far for me to travel there.

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                      Tried the beef hot dogs from Big Lou's on the weekend -- 6 for $7. Very tasty.

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                        We enjoyed 2 very delicious NY cut strip loins from Big Lou's tonight. A bit of a splurge but the tender, richly flavoured, superb dry aged Pemberton beef was well worth it.

                        Usually, our meats come from Windsor Packing on Main (my favourite bacon in the area), Tenderland in Granville Island, Costco, Jacksons and once in a while (when in the area) Cioffi's, Sebastian and Co. Ground Beef from Empire Valley and other farmer's market vendors.

                    2. About 50% from Famous Foods (med-free chicken, ground beef, ground bison, ground pork)

                      And about 30% (incl. seafood) from T&T Supermarket.

                      About 20% from butcher shops (Windsor, Armando's, etc)

                      I don't buy meats from the traditional supermarkets (Safeway, Save-On-Foods, Superstore, Whole Foods, etc, etc) unless there's a spectacular sale or something I can't get from elsewhere.

                      1. I love Beefway. I don't go there enough. Whenever I do a big braised brisket, I get it from here and ask the guy to cut me a big slab. I also like their meaty beef bones for making broth. And also thick cut pork chops that I do vietnamese lemongrass style. YUM!

                        1. This place doesn't open until October according to the website but I'm very excited to finally see a butcher opening on this stretch of Broadway. I hope it's good! Then all we'll need is a seafood/fish monger and we'll be set.


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                            So all other butchers are downright cheaters and liars ?!?!? [wink]

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                              Nicely spotted, islandgirl! I too have been awaiting a "proper" butcher in our shared 'hood. Now I'm wondering which storefront they're going in. And agreed we desperately need a fishmonger too. I bought sole at *Safeway* last night.

                              1. re: grayelf

                                It's in the old dollar store location next to Minerva's.

                            2. Whole chickens from Whole Foods; cut and wrapped to order. Beef, pork from Windsor and Beefway. Beef tenderloin from either Beefway or Costco; I trim and tie my own roasts. Love the Gelderman's pork from either the Farmers' Market or Windsor Meats. Still looking for a reliable source of local turkey and lamb.

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                                I've been to Beefway only twice, a long time ago, even forget what I bought. Do they sell organic or non-medicated meats ?

                              2. Eastside all the way, for cheap fresh meat.

                                For fresh chicken, I like Fraserview Meat & Video (Fraser & E. 50th). Super fresh and very reasonable. You can also get marinated tandoori and butter chicken, if you're into that. Just buy and bake for an easy meal. They also have goat meat at a reasonable price.

                                I like Banana Grove for beef and pork. Very good prices. They are located at E.22nd & Slocan. Also a great place to get deli meats and cheeses.

                                Sometimes PriceSmart has some good deals. Worth checking the flyer often.

                                Fraserview Meat Shop
                                7747 6th St, Burnaby, BC V5G, CA

                                1. Famous Foods has a great butcher and his rotating selection of organic and free range is always available. 25th and Kingsway, the bulk food selection is also very extensive. Columbus Meats on 1st and Renfrew is the premier spot for all cuts Italian including cured meats and sausages.

                                  1. We go to the butcher shop on the right just as you are entering Duncan from the south. It actually has dozens of beef halves hanging in the back. You can see them through a glass wall partition. All the meat is locally raised and fresh. Pretty well anything you can think of is on display. Great prices and they are open 24/7.

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                                      Puffin, Quist Meats - Cowichan Valley Meat Market is open from 7 am to 7 pm 7 days a week.

                                      We shop there regularly. They are great for custom cuts and orders. I love to buy the pork rib roast with the skin on for cracklings. They cut off the ribs and tie them back on for easy carving. They will also score the skin for the best cracklings.

                                      Today I will be buying ground lamb there.

                                      Their sausages are excellent and many gluten free.

                                      The Halal chicken makes for a great roast.