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Aug 31, 2011 11:45 PM

Cannales de Bourdeux?

Someone blow my mind and tell me where I can find these in this town!! Please.

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  1. don't think its available. I've been looking everywhere.

    1. If you mean caneles, like the french pastry item, You can try Baguette et Chocolate in Bee Caves. I have not been there is a while, and don't remember seeing caneles there but you could call. There is another french restaurant in Lakeway, Artisan Bistro. Try calling them, if you want quite a few you might be able to get them to special make them for you. Also try the french pastry school (Le cordon blue) in town, most french pastry schools would do caneles, so I guess they would do them too.

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        Artisan Bistro has them and they are AMAZING, as are most of their pastries.

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          ok just called Artisan Bistro and confirmed they have them. Looks like I'll be picking up some this weekend.

          1. re: lixlix

            They usually have different french pastries and bread. So you might want to grab some other things. I remember them being good, not Paris good but very good for a cafe/restaurant and way better than most bakeries in Austin.

      2. If it is a french wine, forget my last reply. It sounds like a wine too.

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          pretty sure the caramel custard cake was implied. I have not found any on austin restaurant/bakery menus though I haven't asked for special requests.

          The problem comes from the expensive molds and the beeswax required to line the molds.

          I feel this is one of the things that Austin is missing now that the Macaron hunger is somewhat satiated.

        2. La Patisserie might make them, or would maybe make them upon request. Worth a shot.

          1. Several long but terrific threads on making caneles on the home cooking board.