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Aug 31, 2011 08:06 PM

Homemade Ice cream problems

I finally signed up since I couldn't find answers to my questions this time. A quick thank you to all other members that have provided me with so many clues in the past... ;-)

So here is the deal, I bought the Kitchenaid Ice cream maker attachment. I made my first ice cream (corn and honey) and it came out pretty ok although I did not chill the custard further then room temp.

Then I read that my freezer should be on the highest setting so I cranked it up. I had half of the SAME custard left over since it hadn't all fit at once. I churned it the next day in the now ultra cold bowl. After 5 minutes the machine started "clicking" and the whisk started getting stuck because the ice cream was already very firm. I took it out to ripen and already saw that it did not go up in volume like the day before. Of course then it also got rock hard in the freezer.

So now the question: should I have spun it longer even though the machine had trouble already? Did the custard somehow "change" in the roughly 30 hours it sat in the fridge? Should I not have the freezer so cold? How much should the ice cream go up in volume to be nice airy and creamy?

Thanks for all your tips!

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  1. Interesting.

    I don't have very much experience with the Kitchen Aid, although I have used it on occasion, so here goes for what it's worth.

    First, you should try and chill your custard before putting it in the machine -- either in an ice bath or over night in the fridge. So the fact that you did not chill the custard beyond room temp on your first attempt, seems like an issue, even though your ice cream "came out pretty ok".

    If you make ice cream again, I suggest you chill your custard thoroughly, and it probably will come out better than just "pretty ok"!

    Second, as to your second attempt and why the machine seemed to seize up, I would think it had something to do with the order of how you did things. As I recall it is critically important to start the mixer BEFORE you add the custard mixture. In other words, start the machine going so it is twirling, then pour in your cold custard.

    If you do the reverse -- custard in the bowl, then start the mixer tool, the custard might start to freeze, thereby impeding the mixing process, which seemed like what happened with you here.

    Hope that helps. Good luck.