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Aug 31, 2011 07:25 PM

Picasso or Le Cirque

We will be in Las Vegas in November/December for 8 days. We've dined at Picasso a couple of times and loved it. We have not tried Le Cirque yet. Can anyone compare these two fine restaurants?

Le Cirque
Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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  1. I've been to both as a result of numerous stays at the Bellagio, and I find the food and service at Le Cirque to be vastly superior. I plan to return to LV next spring, and Le Cirque is a definite for my restaurant list (in addition to Joel Robuchon, e by Jose Andres, and Sage).

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      Ellen - We are staying at Bellagio in a couple weeks. Can you compare Le Cirque and Michael Mina? Leaning towards Le Cirque. However, the Maine Lobster Pot Pie and Root Beer Float at Michael Mina sounds spectacular. Also, do you have anything at Le Cirque that you would absolutely recommend to order?

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        I've also been to Michael Mina (twice), although not in several years. I was underwhelmed by the Lobster Pot Pie since I had mistakenly thought that the lobster was served out of the shell (for the price it should have been). I definitely prefer Le Cirque to Michael Mina. MM is a more casual restaurant.

        The chef is new at Le Cirque. He comes from NYC, and was a favorite of my good friend RGR from the Manhattan CH board so I look forward to trying his cuisine when I return to Le Cirque in March.

    2. My partner and I had the steak tartar and the squid ink risotto as apps. I'd say the risotto was the must have, though I loved the tartar. For the main we had venison and duck - both excellent. It was my first time having venison and was oh such a great introduction. The absolute must have, which we both agree on, was the grand marnier souffle. Overall, this was our best meal in Vegas. Though Milos came close - and with the lunch special was A LOT cheaper.

      1. Not even close. Le Cirque is really very special...ambiance, service and, of course, the food. Had dinner there last night and everything was outstanding. Their new chef is really doing great things. Had a wonderful scallop starter...a large perfectly seared scallop surrounded by a wonderful "soup" with apples and hazel nuts. Delicious! And then the Dover sole, classically prepared with sauce meunière. For dessert, no one does souffles better than LeC...but the other desserts are also terrific. For my money, Le Cirque and Joel Robuchon set the standard for LV fine dining.

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          Thanks for the report (especially since I've already made my reservation at Le Cirque and Joel Robuchon). Glad to hear great things about Le Cirque and Chef Pugin.

        2. Have not been to Picasso, but I just got back from Vegas and I dined at e, Le Cirque, and Sage. I have to admit that Le Cirque was spectacular, easily one of the best meals I've ever had. I found the food to be even better than at e, but it's really an apples and oranges comparison. You can't miss with any of the above 3 places. At Le Cirque I had the langoustine, foie gras, loup de mer, bucatini timbale, cheese, and grand marnier souffle.

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            Agree with you 100% about Le Cirque. I had an amazing dinner there 2 weeks ago. Also loved Sage. Decided to skip e this year since I had done it last year. Went to Scarpetta instead.

            1. re: ellenost

              How was Scarpetta? We've been to the one in LA which although excellent, was not in the same league as Le Cirque or Sage. Scarpetta in LA is a wonderful Italian restaurant but has neither the food, service or ambiance of Le Cirque (or even Sage, which I'd put slightly lower). Scarpetta does however have the best $24 plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce (I don't think they even call it marinara) anywhere...or, at least in the U.S.

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                I've been to Scarpetta in Vegas. Great restaurant, but definitely not in the same league as Le Cirque.

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                  Scarpetta was "fine". Unfortunately since I did have a great line-up of restaurants (Le Cirque, Robuchon, Sage, and Scarpetta), it was the weakest of the four. I was seated at a great table with a perfect view of the Bellagio fountains. Service was very friendly and attentive. Loved the Stromboli in the bread basket. The foie gras and duck ravioli with Marsala was excellent. I had the duck breast for my main course that was good, but I've had too many better duck dishes elsewhere. Not enough flavor. The nutella filled zeppoles were disappointing. They were over-fried and actually had too much nutella ( didn't think that would be possible). The zeppoles were plated on a white napkin which was a really bad idea since the the plate looked like an unappetizing mess after a few forkfuls. The pace of the service was a bit too quick. I know the casinos want us back on the floor quickly, but did not experience this issue with the other three restaurants. If you stay at or near The Cosmpolitan and want Italian food, Scarpetta is a good restaurant to try.