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Walkers Shortbread Cookies...where?...help?

I get theses cookies when I fly Porter...but I don't fly enough to get my cookie fix...anyone know where in Toronto I can buy them?


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    1. They're available virtually everywhere. Any major gorcery chain will stock them and most of the smaller ones too. They're not hard to find.

      1. 2 kg or 2lb for $19.99 at Costco. Wilson location.

        1. Odd...I've never seen them...I will look more closely...thanks all...

          1. Are you kidding me? You'll find it in most major supermarkets and even the candy section at The Bay near the checkouts. This is not a rare item at all.

            1. I haven't looked lately but President's Choice has/used to have an imported from Scotland shortbread with the exact same appearance and ingredients as the basic Walkers round, for about half the price.
              I love the real Walkers that are made with butter, but it annoys me that they also sell equally expensive cookies with bits (chocolate, etc) and if you look at the ingredients, these are not made with butter.

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                +1 on that, JR. We avoid all but the traditional, all-butter shortbread. Why mask the taste with chocolate?

                The PC ones aren't exactly like the Walker's but they're close enough and you can't beat that price. As much as I like to rip PC/Loblaws, this was actually a winner. On the other hand, the Metro store brand (Irresistibles) were crap. Don't bother.

                Also wanted to add to my original reply, they even have Walker's at Walmart. However, they're not as easy to find in the U.S. and often cost more there. Nice "exchange gift" if visiting friends or relatives south of the border.

                1. re: TexSquared

                  TexSquared, I am not sure whether to be more shocked that we agree on something, or that you've found something that is better in Canada than the US ;)
                  But I am glad you also enjoy the PC shortbread, and I will avoid the Irresistibles.

              2. Saw it at Loblaws Yonge Blvd location. 350g for $4-6. Opens 24 hrs.

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                  Does anywhere carry the rarer flavours from Walkers like Stem Ginger, Orange or Raspberry-Chocolate?

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                    I see these pretty much everywhere too... often even independent smaller grocery stores that have "gourmet" and imported products will have them. Most recently I know I've seen them at the Bay, but they are priced ridiculously there. I know because I enjoy picking them up, looking at the ingredients and then tsk tsking that they are $7 and have no butter ;)