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Aug 31, 2011 07:08 PM

The ABSOLUTE Best in center Center City dinner NO Budget

My husband is hosting his out of town boss with a guest. Steakhouse or Seafood. I know you guys. Let's narrow it down to the BEST with no limit to price. This guy goes to Lacroix on a regular basis, so that's a no go.

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      1. re: Buckethead

        One suggestion is to get creative ... try going to multiple restaurants... Amada for apps/tapas//dBarclay Prime for main course and then Le Bec Fin for the cheese course and dessert ...

        For fish, you might try 10 Arts before Jen Carroll leaves (an Eric Riepert restaurant) or go for the high end omikase at Morimoto (I would probably do private dining there if the size of the party is greater than four people.. )

        For one continuous place for food that is out of the world, I would go with Vetri.

      2. I loved Vetri when we went and did the Grand Tasting one Saturday. However, the writer mentioned Steak or Seafood. I don't think Vetri specializes in either. I have never been to Barclay Prime so I can't comment on that.

        However, in terms of Steak, I still remember a wonderful meal we had for an anniversary several years ago at the Capital Grille in Center City. . I say "wonderful" more because of the service rather than it being the best steak we ever had. I had asked for a doggie bag for the smaller leftover piece of steak I had. Apparently they forgot to save it and when I asked for it, they cooked me another steak. I consider that great service. Not sure whey we haven't been back - this was the Center City one - but I don't think either King of Prussia or Washington DC was up to those standards.

        I really like the meal we had at LeBecFin a few weeks ago, but that isn't steak or seafood either.

        Maybe everything considered The Fountain, although I like the idea of multiple restaurants but it does involve some walking.

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        1. NOT center city, but high end Omikase dinner at Fuji in Haddonfield could knock socks off
          with both seafood and steak.

          1. Not necessarily steak/seafood, but if you want premium service and the wow factor, I suggest the Fountain as well.