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Aug 31, 2011 04:34 PM

Chili Dogs

Need some heartburn! Who has the best chili dogs? Live in north Austin but can travel.

Chili Dog
1140 Invasion St, San Marcos, TX 78666

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  1. Spec's is now $2.79 and has a killer dog inside it, decent chili and cheese, onions and jalapenos if you want them. maybe not the best but half the price of any competitor and really big.

    1. The Bad Chili Dog at Shady Grove-my gold standard.

      1. I've been really enjoying the chili cheese dog from Man Bites Dog on Burnet. The chili varies from mild to spicy, depending on who makes it and it has no beans in it (thank God).

        The hot dog itself is all beef and a good size. The bun is a kolache bun, so it's a bit sweet. The price is a steep $5.79, but it is a pretty big chili dog.

        You can also ask for queso instead of shredded cheese, according to a sign I saw posted near the register last weekend.

        1. This could be Chowhound blasphemy, but I've gotta say my favorite chili cheese dogs of late have come from Sonic. If you wanna get really serious, find yourself a Krystal and order several chili cheese pups, haha.

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          1. re: popvulture

            WITCH!!!! WITCH!!! Kidding, you can certainly do worse than Sonic for a chili dog. I prefer to make my own most of the time though. Nathan's dog with Wolf chili (not the "hot dog sauce", WTF is that????) and fresh shredded cheddar, yum...

            1. re: Defman

              Agree on the homemade recipe, although I also like Ball Park beef dogs. Get the Wolf sans beans, of course, and don't forget chopped raw onion and a sprinkle of pickled jalapenos.

              1. re: cstrombe

                Stag chili and Omaha Steak dogs (only thing Iike from them)

          2. how far do you want to travel? Sonny's place in Galveston, hands down are the best. Homemade Chili, steamed buns, beer. Check to see if they are open. It's a family run place, and sometimes they are closed for vacation.