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Aug 31, 2011 04:04 PM

Foodie in Rome - please help!

Will be in Rome after visiting London and the Amalfi Coast for a few days in Sept. If you were to choose one place that has great food and atmosphere, what would it be? We are not looking to do Michelin Stars since will be 'michelined out' in London. Would love a great, authentic restaurant that would suit a special occasion. Price is not a consideration.
Much appreciated!

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  1. Someone asked a very similar question four days ago. You might find the replies there useful.

    1. We just returned from Rome. I also suggest 2 tips, i'm sure you'll love!

      1. Trattoria degli Amici - piazza sant'egidio trastevere (good trattoria, nice contest)
      2. La Pariolina - viale Parioli (wonderful pizza!)

      Than we also had an amazing dinner in a - hidden home restaurant (a private residence) suggested by an italian friend.
      We had a great four courses menu from antipasto to dessert prepared step by step in front of us by an italian chef (I also speak italian but the chef speaks both english and french). The atmosphere was wonderful and autentic, the place ...stunning. I really suggest to go there and try a really new experience about italian food. Enjoy your staying in Rome!!!

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        That sounds interesting. Can you give us more details about this dinner in a private residence?

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          Hi! We've been there thanks to some italian friends who gave us email contact of the chef.
          We wrote and she reply describing how the dinner works and asking if we had intolerances or if we prefere fish or meat.They offer a fix menu including the show cooking during preparation and wine tasting. Than we fixed the place for appointment (Termini Station) and the chef came to pick up us. The house is an open loft in with an amazing full furnished kitchen and nice atmosphere (candle, music, parfumes...) and the Chef take care about us (speaking franch..) in every minute of the dinner. After preparing food we had dinner with 3 different wine in combination: prosecco, white wine and dessert wine. The menu includes apetizer with welcome drink, starter, pasta and dessert. The experience was amazing and really autentic. The chef is a nice woman who travelled around the world looking for food inspiration. We also had a nice waiter supporting service during the dinner. They told us that there are 2 days a month where there organize a sort of "home restaurant" with several guest. They accept guest by word of mouth. We send there 2 friends from Washington and they also had a stunning experience.

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            is there any way you can provide more details so that people travelling to rome can communicate with them and perhaps arrange a meal?

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              You might be interested in a post I made recently looking for the same thing:


              I too was looking for home cooked meals. This site may be of interest:

              The site isn't working in English yet, if you need that. I sent them an email last week and haven't heard back yet. I hear they can be slow to respond but well worth the wait.

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                Hi! I think the only way to ask for availability is to write an e mail at