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Aug 31, 2011 03:23 PM

Ice Cream -- it is a problem (Calgary)

Where in the downtown core do you go for fantastic frozen treats?

- Amato Gelato in Kensington is pretty great, but sometimes you want a big heaping scoop of creamy melty ice cream and not a tidy portion of intensely flavored gelato. That said, Amato is my go-to for a summer treat most all of the time.

- Spoon Me (2 locations: Kensington, 17th Ave) is getting much better. They've been widening their flavors and have great promotions sometimes to encourage customer return. They've also started their own weighing system, which makes for better portion regulation I guess (and excuses to charge $10 for frozen yogurt) ?

But sometimes even the "plain" flavor at different locations is inconsistent -- I love the sour tang of Pinkberry, etc. and it really just doesn't compare! Needs more crisp, fresh yogurty bite.

- My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe in Marda Loop is excellent, huge array of ice cream flavors to choose from. Price structure needs a bit of help, though. $7.50 is non-negotiable if you want three flavors and it comes in a massive 16-oz portion (WHY?!) Also location is very out-of-the-way.

...................Obviously I'm a fat kid at heart. My nephew and nieces however are very picky connoisseurs, so these are just things I happen to know via extensive summer research, okay? :)

- There is a new "Crepes & Cravings" location on 17th, a branch from the one in TD Square. A bit of a shaky start, and the gelato flavoring needs some help... but all in all, they've nailed the location and the value elements of CENTRAL DOWNTOWN ICE CREAM.

Are they the only ones???

Amato Gelato Cafe
2104 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3R7, CA

My Favourite Ice Cream Shoppe
2048 42 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 2M7, CA

Spoon Me
1130 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB T2N 4P4, CA

Crepes & Cravings
1013 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0A7, CA

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  1. I'm pretty sure the 17th Ave location of Spoon Me has closed.

    In the Core:
    Yogen Fruz in the Eaton Center is now selling "plain" frozen yogurt (not vanilla).
    There's Froshberg Gelato in the food court of the new Cennential Place building.
    There's also a new gelato cart in Eau Claire (where Ben & Jerry's used to be). Can't remember the name.

    Outside of the Core:
    Fiasco Gelato sells their goods out of Famoso in Mission and Wake Bistro in Kensington. When i was at their Stampede booth, they had a sign saying they were opening a store (11th Ave & 5th St SW, I think). I follow them in Twitter but I haven't heard anything else about it. Plus, they have that food truck too.

    Spoon Me
    1130 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB T2N 4P4, CA

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    1. re: cellophane_star

      Is Ramsey/Inglewood considered downtown? Try Pop's Dairy Bar. They sell Mackay's. In Parkdale I also enjoy Lic's.

      1. re: Office Broccoli

        Lics (Leavitt's Ice Cream Shop) is my fav. They serve Foothills which IMO puts Mackay's to shame. Don't know why, just never thought Mackay's was worth the drive (when it was still just in Cochrane).

        1. re: piano boy

          I think Lics makes their own, don't they? There are a million places to get Foothills ice cream, and I generally find it too sweet.

          1. re: yyc_mom

            I just bought Foothills Vanilla at Co-op, and also found it a bit too sweet. What kind do you get (since we seem to have similar thoughts on Foothills)?

            1. re: yyc_mom

              When we were last at Lic's, the tubs all said Chapman's Ice Cream, and they had a Double-Chocolate-Brownie-Fudge Ice Cream that I later found at Co-op (in a smaller size of course). Totally yum!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Can anybody confirm this horrible possibility -- that Spoon Me is closed forever?????

          Oh God frozen yogurt sadness. Part of the worst kind of sadness.

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          1. re: summersupper

            I know the 17th Ave location closed months ago. I hope Kensington is still open but honestly, I'm surprised they lasted this long. I bet the rent there is huge and it is winter after all. And almost every time I went there, there was something wrong with their machine. Having said that, I LOVED their icy frozen yogurt. :(

            I just did some digging around... their Facebook page said they were serving soup (posted on Jan 17) but someone commented on Feb 4 that a sign on their door indicates they're "closed until maybe April".

            1. re: summersupper

              The Kensington location has a note on the window saying they were closing for the winter.
              However, the owner (of the building) has a "For Lease" sign in another window.

            2. You forgot to mention Marble Slab on 17th Ave on the same block as Una. YUMMY! Great for kids given the sizes and choices for toppings.

              Lots of other locations in Calgary but this is the closest to downtown.

              1. Here's another place to try Village ice cream - made on the premises it doesn't get more local than this! Be prepared to search a bit but just look right as you approach the dead end on 10 th Ave SE between 3 rd and 4 th street. 10 flavours + seasonal. Checkout the bite and post on this site too.
                Their specialty is salted caramel - they have a nice combination of usual and unusual flavours, a sorbet or two .... Enjoy.