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Aug 31, 2011 02:15 PM

Ask a Chef: Patricia Wells, where should we eat in Paris?

Received this article which originally appeared in the June/July 2011 issue of the James Beard Foundation (JBF) Notes, the JBF member newsletter. The first two get mentioned often here, but little to no coverage on Toyo or Pilou. Any thoughts?

The JBF Award winner and author of the most authoritative guides for food lovers traveling to Paris tells us the can’t-miss places to eat—and shop—in the City of Light.

L’ASTRANCE (4, rue Beethoven, Paris 16, +33 1 40 50 84 40; Métro: Passy)
“Pascal Barbot is in top form, offering food that is light and laced with herbs, spices, and an avalanche of varied citrus flavors.”

LA TABLE D’EUGÈNE (18, rue Eugène Sue, Paris 18, +33 1 42 55 61 64; Métro: Marcadet-Poissoneries and Jules Joffrin)
“Chef-owner Geoffroy Maillard has his finger on it all: a lovely varied menu that makes you want to try everything.”

TOYO (17, rue Jules Chaplain, Paris 6, +33 1 43 54 28 03; Métro: Vavin)
“Chef Toyomitsu Nakayama is there in the open kitchen, cooking on his griddle and induction plaques, creating a cuisine that’s not Japanese and not French, but completely his own.”

PHILOU (12, Avenue Richerand, Paris 10, +33 1 42 38 00 13; Métro: Jacques Bonsergent)
“Chef Philippe Damas offers old-time ingredients like pig’s cheeks and calf’s liver and serves them up with a simplicity and freshness that is thoroughly appealing.”

“My two favorite markets in Paris are the Sunday morning organic market on the Boulevard Raspail in the 6th and the Wednesday and Saturday market set out along the Avenue President Wilson in the 16th.”

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  1. Can you tell me how to find your post on Provence that evryone is talking about? I will be in provence end of may for 7 nughts. Thanks wordyman

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    1. Philou is a place I visited Sep 25, 2010 and gave a 6.0/10 to but strangely never returned. Then I subtitled my review: "charming, good and reasonable." Toyo I've never been to since as opposed to P Wells most folks describe the food as straight Japanese.

      1. Thanks for the post. Am googling TOYO now