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Aug 31, 2011 01:58 PM
Discussion's 80% off sale - where and what to eat?

Hi all,

As some of you may know, holds these semi-regular 80% off sales where you can get meals for less than they cost normally. They're kind of like regular Groupons where you can get (for example) $25 worth of food for $10; but during the sale, a lot of these coupons go for $2 instead of $10, so you essentially get $23 worth of food for free. The catch is that you have to spend a minimum amount (generally ranges from $35 to $50), which is not too much of a problem if you invite several people to join you. At last check, there were some 167 restaurants participating within 10 miles of where I live.

If you've participated in the promotion, where have you eaten? What's good? What's not?

I've been to Taste of the Himalayas in Berkeley and I've enjoyed my meal there. While the main dishes are a tad more expensive than other South Asian places, it's balanced by the fact that rice and daal is included as well. In particular, I've enjoyed their sizzler plates. The okra was also very well-received by the diners at my table. What have you had that's good?

- Tim

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  1. Bumping this, would love to get some current input on good restaurants on Most of the threads are fairly outdated.

    1. Even I'd you don't know about an 80% sale, google their URL and "promo code" and you'll usually find upwards of 60% off discount throughout the web

      Addis and cafe colucci are both very good Ethiopian places in North Oakland. But unless you're with a few people, it's difficult to spend the minimum $35. Walzwerk in SF is good, especially their pork schnitzel.

      1. is frequently reported by restaurants, who complain they are listed but either did not sign up or are not current customers. So they are selling you certificates the restaurants may not honor, because it amounts to a loss for them. Advertising using the name of a company that didn't consent.

        Groupon, where restaurants are generally receiving 25% of the normal price, represents a loss too; but at least no one's being coerced into more than a one-time purchase.

        I don't want that kind of discount personally.