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Aug 31, 2011 12:56 PM

The Best: Chili Rellenos

I stopped in a little place on the DelMarVa peninsula on my way to the beach a few weeks ago and picked up the best chili relllenos I've had in years.

Does anyone know a good Mexican place in town where I can find some excellent chili rellenos? I can't remember ever seeing them on a menu.


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  1. I'm watching this thread... Los Sarapes in Chalfont had very good Chiles Rellenos but I think they took them off the menu

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    1. re: cgarner

      I have gotten them at Tequila's in Center's been a few years, but I believe they are still on the menu. I'm no chile rellenos expert, but I found them enjoyable :)

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        I'm starting to wonder if they're indigenous to an area of Mexico not well represented in Philly.

        1. re: Boognish

          I had them a few years ago at Taqueria Veracruzana. They were delicious, but since it was a while ago, I'm not sure if they still have them.

          1. re: Boognish

            Wikipedia says they are from Puebla, which is the region where most of our Mexicans come from. I have had them at Los Jalapenos (since moved and has become Tres Jalapenos) and they were good but I don't eat chile rellenos enough to have a strong opinion. They were definitely much better than some bad ones I had recently in OCMD.

            I have seen them on the menu at other taquerias so I do think they are around. Trying them at Veracruzana if they have them is a good bet.

            1. re: barryg

              I love Veracruzana, but I haven't been in a while. I'll probably go there for lunch this week.

              Thanks for the info! Much appreciated.