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Aug 31, 2011 12:24 PM

Calgary CSA Ratings

I just saw this thread on the Boston thread and thought that it would be useful to import it. I just joined a CSA this summer--Oxyoke Farm--but was thinking of switching to another next summer, perhaps Eagle Creek Farms, which seems to have better variety (I get their e-mails), more choice, and just plain more in the weekly box. Oxyoke's offerings have been getting a bit bigger the last two weeks, but they still don't seem quite worth the money I'm paying ($500/summer), although it depends how many more weeks it will last. The variety has also been only so-so: lots and lots of chard and kale (which I like, but still). I know we don't live in CA, but I do believe other CSAs have offered things like herbs and tomatoes at this point. I'd give Oxyoke a 3/5, although the summer's not over yet. What have others' experiences with different CSAs been?

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  1. I have a half a share in the Eagle Creek CSA. I did Thompson Small Farm last year. I like Eagle Creek better and I think they give much more variety than what I got last year. I pay $300/year for half share (I think). The first few pickups were pretty sparse but last week we got potatoes, carrots, onions, broccoli, bok choy (I think....some leafy green not kale), spinach, romaine, tomatoes, herbs and flowers. I have written about both CSAs on my blog. I know they don't like posted links but the link is on my profile if you are interested. Just search for CSAs when you get there.

    1. I too have a half share of Eagle Creek. I'm really enjoying it. I think it breaks down to about $21 per week, which is absolutely worth it to me. The variety and quantity has been picking up each week, as the harvest continues. I'm finding it hard for two of us to eat everything we get before the next share arrives.

      Over the past three weeks, they have given us different varieties of potatoes. Last week they were pink fleshed. I don't think I've had those before. Very delicious and creamy. One week we also received lemon basil, which was also new to me!

      I will continue again next year too and am happy to recommend them.

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        Eagle Creek is fantastic - I've got a half share too. I think I heard someone say the other day that they filled up for 2011 really quickly. They give priority to sign up again to their current farm families, so 2012 harvest will probably be tough to get in on. I think there's a wait list though.

      2. We have a share with Eagle Creek as well. I love that they have a few days each year that they invite shareholders out to the farm. We planted lettuce and had a farm tour. Great for the kids to see how everything is grown. Very happy with our produce. This weeks share was huge.

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          I am constantly amazed at how much more produce I'm getting from Eagle Creek this year than I got from mine last year. I have half a share & this week I got 2 bags of potatoes, a bag of carrots, a head of cabbage, a bunch of leeks, a bunch of beets, 2 small heads of cauliflower, a huge tomato, garlic, cilantro and a huge sunflower. If you had a full share you got twice that. There is some variability because there are a few items that you got to choose between four different options.

        2. I saw on Facebook that they are going to have egg shares too. I don't know the details but it said that current customers would get first dibs. Interesting...

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            I saw that too. Can't wait to get the details. I'll definitely sign up as long as the pickup locale works. I got stuck with Marda Loop for my veggies & it is really, really inconvenient for me as I live in the far NW. Hoping to get a better location next year.

            1. re: Merry113

              Oh my goodness, you aren't' the only one. CSA pickup became a 4-letter word in our house! The drive out was okay but it was always a 40 minute drive home through horrendous rush hour traffic! If my only choice next year is Marda Loop, I'll have to pass it up. (I am in the far NW too.)

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                Two of my co-workers who live in the south Douglasdale and McKenzie areas are not too pleased that their pick ups are in Haysboro. They will also be out next year if they don't get a more south easterly pick up like South Centre.

                Good luck to you both to be able to move to a NW pick up.

          2. Anyone know what the best way to in touch with Eagle Creek is? I've been reading a lot on this and the more I read the more I want in. I've emailed them once or twice in the last few weeks but have yet to receive a reply on how to get in on the 2012 shares. Or even just to be waitlisted... Anyone?

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              If you got the email address from the website, that is the best way. They also have a Facebook Page. I don't think they are opening up the 2012 CSA sign up until November and then past members will get first "dibs".

              1. re: Roarasaur

                I think they will announce more in November. I heard they are pretty full already but with location shifts and final commitments I'm sure they will end up with openings. I'm not totally sure and don't speak for them , but I'm 'in' so I'm happy!