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Aug 31, 2011 12:13 PM
Discussion Philadelpia, PA

I went to Burgersorg on South Street this past Monday for lunch.It wpuld be really hard to miss this place as it is bright orange and green! I know it sounds rather gaudy but trust me it works really well in this location. It justy gives off the proper Siuth Street vibe and looks like it beloings.

Inside there is more green and orange but again it wirks well. There is a long bar with a pretty granite top where you order and if you wish you can sit on nice, padded stools. Prefer a table? You can sit at a wood table with slightly lower but same styled stools. I need to add thay are quite comfy:)

They had professionally printed on glassy stock menues. They serve burgers (of course) salads fries, sandwhiches, beverages (including organic chpoces and the all important diet Coke!) and smoothies and milkshakes! YES MILKSHAKES!!! (made with parve ice cream)

I had gone with the intensions of having a burger. I really, really wanted a burger. Had wanted on for a few days and was certain I would get one. Well the plans changed when I saw the menue:) They sell STEAK SANDWHICHES!!! I LOVE steaksandwhiches and have been know to eat them elsewhere on South Street ( if you know the street I bet you know where I ate my traif treat up in the second floor:) ) Well sorry famous steak place, I willl nor be back as long as is around. :) Seriously I had one of the best steaks and unique I have ever eattn!! the meat was done in such a way thet there were yummy crunchy bits of meat in with the grilled onions (which I added as a free option) Plus the bread (a very important part of a true Philly Steak - bread can make or break a steak sandwhich) was a toasted French Baguette! Oh wow! Who ever thought of that deserves an award! It made the sandwhich so much better than I ever thought it could be!!!

Feeeling glutonous that day, I also had the sweetpotato fries. These were really good too! The fries seemed as if they may have been hand cut and where on the thicker side and short. They were seasoned with cinnimon and were really tastey. I ate them all:) Personally I wpuld have liked them a bit more done and crispy, but that is just how I like my fries.

As I was eatting, another customer saw what I had ordered and changed hos burger order to a steak (btw the best way to "out" yourself as a tourist is to call it a Philly Steak! You have been warned:)

Service was prompt and really nice. After you place your order at the bar you sit down and are served you meal.Several times i was approched to make sure all was well (and it was!0

The clientele is very diverse and reflective of the location. I saw some obviously religious/observent Jews and some who may or may not be Jewsih.Everyone seemed to be enjoying their meal which really is the most thing. i also noticed a brisk take out service which is good. They do offer delvery service too, though i live too far out to have them deliver to me or I may just be eatting a steak right now!

I brought home a menue to shpw my family. Hubby was impresseed and wants to go. The fussy, fussy tean really, really seemed excited about the menue and LOVES the idea of a steak and a milkshake meal! Depending on how things work put this weekend, the plan is to go Sunday where she can get her wish!

No longer does a kosher eating consumer have to sit and sip a coke as their freinds eat this wonderful Philadelphia treat. Just INSIST they join you at and everyone will be happy!

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the review!! My son and a few of his buddies are going to Philly in a few weeks. Are the portions teenager sized or should they order a few things? (They usually order two burgers each when we go out...)

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    1. re: SoCal Mother

      OMG, when will they franchise to NYC/NJ already?! ;-)

      1. re: DeisCane

        Soory you need to come to MY wonderful ciry. Afterwards walk off you meal at one of the many israelli owned stores. The amount of mezuzot on the stores seems to grow everytime I in the area:) Plus there are several synagoues of various persuasions including at least one O one within a short walk of South Street!

        1. re: DeisCane

          I have lived and traveled in many cities around the US and the ONLY place outside of Philly where I was able to get the proper steak for a Philly steak sandwich was in Boston and the butcher who did it for me said it made such a mess of the slicer that he would never do it again. A proper Philly steak sandwich requires the steak to be sliced thin like turkey breast (corned beef thick is too thick) BEFORE it's cooked. (In a pan. With onions. Maybe green peppers, but NO SCHWARMA SPICE, are you kidding????) That then requires the slicer to be sanitized because of the raw meat.

          I had a steak sandwich at Jeff's in LA on Monday. Although it was wonderful, it was a single slab of meat in a roll. Not the same thing. And don't get me started with the overly spiced mess that Nathan's calls a Philly Steak!

          I am truly jealous.

          PS And the cut of steak used to make milanesa is NOT the same thing, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

          1. re: SoCal Mother

            Join you son on his trip and I will join you for the best steak sandwhich of your life:) MMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Now off to finsh the last of ONE of the orders of wings from last night:)

            1. re: Prettypoodle

              I will have to take a rain check. Next time I plan a trip to Philly I will let you know (bli neder). I grew up in that area and I still have family there.

        2. re: SoCal Mother

          Not having a burger (yet) they may want a second on or just an order of frres and a shake:) Each of course!

          1. re: Prettypoodle

            They appear to be open on Shabbat. Any idea who the hechsher is?

            1. re: Reveg


              They just converted, and are now certified by the vaad and closed on Shabbat.

        3. Just came back from a great meal at We had the El Mariachi burger, steak sandwich and spicy fries and drinks and we are happy, stuffed people. Whole order came to $24 with tax which is very inexpensive - unheard of for such high quality food (organic, grass fed beef) in my experience, and in Philly, no less. We got the burger medium rare and it was great, but pretty rare. Next time we will ask for medium. They offer the the same burger with lamb and I think I will try that next too for variety. The steak sandwich was chopped up steak, which disappointed me at first but it tasted so good I forgot about it. The bread was really good on both. Both had great toppings - very spicy which I loved and went well with the sandwiches. They offer chipotle sauce in a ketchup bottle which was delicious. The fries were thin shoestring type and pretty spicy and very good hot. The ambiance was very hip. We liked the style. The seats were comfortable and there was lots of room, although we were there pretty late. The staff was friendly and helpful and asked us twice is everything was okay. Overall this is an amazing addition to the Philly kosher scene - I think it is the best burger place I've been to period. This is not comparable to KD - it is in a different league. We are looking forward to going back and trying some other menu items.

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          1. re: kosherfoodfan

            "The steak sandwich was chopped up steak, which disappointed me at first but it tasted so good I forgot about it."

            To the Philly natives on this board: take a deep breath and I will have a gentle talk with KosherFoodFan who is clearly a tourist and has obviously kept kosher all his/her life.

            Dearest Kosher Food Fan: A Philly steak sandwich is made from steak that is cut paper-thin (think turkey breast slices kind of thin, not pastrami thin) BEFORE it is cooked. It is then fried on a griddle with oil, onions and sometimes green peppers. The trefe version then gets some sort of cheese (I am guessing provalone but it's irrelevant) and served to you with love on a long Italian hoagie (sub sandwich) roll. The super thin slicing of the steak is what makes it a Philly steak sandwich and not just a steak sandwich. THIS is what cows grow up aspiring to be!! None of this slab of tough chewy meat that all comes into your mouth on the second bite, leaving you an empty roll. The Philly steak sandwich is the steak sandwich of all steak sandwiches.

            Do not be disappointed my friend!! You ate the finest form of sandwich that Man has ever known!

            1. re: SoCal Mother

              SoCal Mother, your response, while informative, is both needlessly denigrating and partially incorrect.

              I am not a tourist. You are right that I have kept kosher all my life. And guess what? This is the first time a kosher philadelphian has access to a true philly steak sandwich.

              Perhaps your assumption that I am a tourist would be more accurate if this was a non-kosher restaurant, or we were not on the Kosher board. But I am going to venture a guess that most people reading my review are kosher, and many of them have likely not tried a treif philly steak sandwich. As I said, it is delicious, but the heads up is likely to be useful to those people, whether or not they are native philly folk.

              Your clarification is very helpful. Your tone was not.

              1. re: kosherfoodfan

                I think you are taking SoCal Mother's joking sarcasm a bit too seriously!

                I would venture to say that only a kosher-keeper would claim this kosher version is a "true philly steak sandwich," because as I understand it, cheese is absolutely essential to the "real" version.

                And I'm not a Philadelphian, but I'm surprised that one who is didn't know that the sandwich is made up of thinly chopped steak; I seem to have always known that, yet I never had one, nor live in the city that is known for them.

                1. re: queenscook

                  I have to jump in and say that kosherfoodfans expectations were not necessarilly incorrect.

                  I live in CT, BUT went to undergraduate school in Philadelphia some 40 years ago.

                  #1 The two ultimate Philadelphia steak sandwich places are Geno's and Pat's. They both start with sliced steak, but Pat's chops up the meat and Geno's doesn't.

                  So, if the 2 ultimate treif Philly Steak sandwich joints serve a different product, one can't pass judgment or comment on a Philadelphian who has never eaten at either place for not expecting chopped up meat.

                  The sliced steak is extremely thin, not like the minute steaks traditionally used for steak sandwiches elsewhere in the country. I am not a fan of the chopped up steak, as I find it gets very curly and tough on the flat top, almost stewing as it lets out moisture.

                  #2 The original Philly Steak sandwich introduced by Pat's in 1933 did not have cheese, and did not have it available until the advent of Cheeswiz (in the 50s or 60s). As the choice cut of meat is rib eye there is no reeason that a kosher version could not be available. I do not know if the Amoroso rolls are kosher, but I imagine a similar kosher roll is available in Philadelphia.

                  BTW, when I was in school way back then I tended bar at the Onion on Walnut around 35th Street. The owner would never allow the meat to be chopped up on the griddle when making steak sandwiches for our patrons.

                  1. re: bagelman01

                    Ah but the real point it that the steak is sliced before cooking.

                    I had a wonderful steak sandwich at Jeff's in LA last week, but the steak was a small slab of nicely spiced meat. A steak sandwich to be sure, but NOT a Philly steak sandwich. Cheese or no, chopped or not, a Philly steak sandwich is made with meat that is sliced thin before cooking. Yes, it might get curly and tough on the top, but it is what it is.

                    1. re: SoCal Mother

                      I wasn't questioning the fact that the meat is sliced thin before being out on the griddle. I just did not like the way kosherfoodfan was derided by 'authorities' who do not know the history of Philly steak sandwiches or what is authentic.

                      I have a small electric slicer (Krups) that I use to thinly slice meat for steak sandwiches, as well as deli and salami that i have either bought by the piece or cured myself.

                2. re: kosherfoodfan

                  My apologies. I was trying to be funny.

                    1. re: SoCal Mother

                      I LOVED your post! I was born in this area, I (except for a short time when I lived in Springfield VA only mentioned as the latest Phillies pitcher Michael Schwimmer to be brought up is from there:)!!!) SNd if you need another reason to love the phightin; Ohills he is Jewish to!) have always live din this area and I know steak snadwhiches.
                      A few things have been pptesd that are wrong. Pats has had cheese for the steaks since the 30's! YES THAT LONG! How would I know this being *on;y* 47??? My father worked there as a young man. being KOSHER when lunch time cam his cousin came by to tell him to come home for lunch. Pat got upset adn said something like you work here I feed you. My dad explained why he wpuldn't eat there and Pat being a kind person asked him what he would eat. my dad said he was ok with cheese so cheese was gotten. My dad ate adn one day Pat had the cheese to add to his steak. Thus the steak sandwhich was born:) At some pont the cheese was changed pver to the "famous" Cheese Wiz (the stuff ion a jar) YUK!
                      Sma;;l disc.laimer time. I do eat "out" I have never eatten a steak with cheese though I do add onions:) I have eatten at Pats, Genos and the best of them Jims on South (amomg otheres). I have now eatten TWICE at I have had TWO steaks tyhere. It was better than Jims! (my fav place)
                      Oh pne more thing - yes they were at one time open on Saturfay when thye were NOT kosher. They are NOW KOSHER and closed on Sturday. But and this is so exciting to me they WILLL be open on Satufay nights this fall/winter wehn Shabbas ends early!!!! Why is this so unbeliveably exciting because some of my best memories of South Street are sitting upstairs at Jims and sittting by the window and people watching. A very fun activity- trusty me. Jusyt last night I made tennitive plans with a friend to do just that at! Yeah it is that fun:) I can nor wait:)

                      OK - here is what I came to post:

                      Sunday my husband an dsd went for lunch. aHere is what we had:
                      teen- beef burger and regular fries and a smoothy

                      burger excellent and fevoured
                      fries fabulous!!! hresh delishous - I was so glad we got them
                      smioiothy just ok - was told there wasn't rnpugh flavor

                      husband - tri of slifers he got lamb, beef and turkey
                      I got to try two - I dpnt eat lamb
                      turkey delicuos and juicy I'd get a big pne at spme pint
                      beef aslo really delicious and I'd get one too
                      my husband said the lamb was wonderful

                      I had a steak (of course) unbeliveable roll (from NY I asked:) ) ordered with only friend onions, got lettuce and tomatio and pickles instead:( but got firf onions on the side in a flash!

                      The slad was fresh and the tomatoes red not pink or orange
                      we aslo got sweet potato fries which my husband LOVED

                      I must be in the city again Thursday and may just have to go back yet again:) I can hear some burgers calling to me:)

                      1. re: Prettypoodle

                        Wow, Prettypoodle, spell check much? A few typos here or there I can understand, but this post was nearly unreadable. If you're posting this on a phone, maybe it's worth it to wait until you get to a computer next time?

                          1. re: Prettypoodle

                            No, he's right. Your post was very difficult to decipher. The purpose of writing is to communicate information, and when your audience has to work at making out what you meant to say you're failing at that task. In addition, when you seem to take no care at all about your spelling it's hard to see that as not reflecting a disrespect for your readers.

                            1. re: zsero

                              Thanks so such for making my week suck way more than it already did. I really hope none of you, even the nasty ones, ever have to deal with even a small part of why I am dealing with all at once. it would make you head spin out of control. i hope your nasty posts made you feel so much more superior.

                              1. re: Prettypoodle

                                Prettypoodle, I really don't think anyone was trying to be nasty. It is clear from other posts you have written that you are experiencing tremendous stress/crisis in your personal life, and _despite_ that, your posts are usually so thorough and well-written, full of an excitement for the food and kosher finds that is catching. This one was a bit of an aberration from what you typically present, and objectively, it was, at times, difficult to understand what you were trying to say.

                                I, for one, appreciate that you take the time and effort to share all that you do about kosher Philadelphia. I also understand what zsero and avitrek were trying to convey. Each person has a different style of writing, and sometimes how things sound in one's head comes across a little harsher when written instead of spoken.

                                I hope your day/week improves, and that you continue to post about the wonderful and expanding kosher options in Philly.

                                1. re: asf78

                                  Thanks so much. Sadly the week wont get too much better (save Thursdays lunch and dinner from b.o and hopefully c.o as long as I can get there). We expect more drenching rain:(

                                  1. re: Prettypoodle

                                    Besides Poodle we have a date for lunch next time I am in Philly. Think good college thoughts for DS2!

                                2. re: Prettypoodle

                                  Hey, you're the only one here who's insulting people. Avitrek made a very reasonable and moderately phrased comment, and you turned on him and made it personal. I tried to explain that Avitrek was not being nasty, so now you snarl at me too. You know, it's none of our concern what sort of week you're having. If you're going to take it out on other people, pick someone else.

                                  1. re: zsero

                                    The whole tone of this board is fit for the city that booed Santa.

                  1. re: kosherfoodfan

                    What do they put not a Philly steak sandwich? I'm asking because I thought that I understood that a Philly steak sandwich was characterized by thinly sliced steak, fried onions and cheese on a good roll. What's in the kosher version?

                      1. re: AdinaA

                        In theory, even non-kosher Philly steaks come with or without cheese (or famously "wiz wit" or "wiz witout"). So it's not a huge stretch for kosher ones to be the cheeseless variety only. Carlos and Gabby's in NY actually does a decent substitute for the cheese (more or less a flavored oil based sauce), which isn't that hard, since it's more or less a fake cheese product in the first place that's used.

                        1. re: masteraleph

                          Just a nitpick--the "wit" and "witout" refers to with or without onions, not cheese.

                          I never had the steak at but their long rolls are really bad so I wouldn't expect to be good or representative of a real Philly steak--the bread is probably the most important ingredient and what most places get wrong outside the Phila area.

                          If you eat milchig out, get a veggie hoagie from Sarcone's or Primo's--that is a great Philly sandwich on great bread. Better than the majority of treif cheesesteaks too.

                          1. re: masteraleph

                            While non-kosher customers can order without cheese, wit/witout refers to the onions, not the cheese. Both of the orders you mentioned include cheese wiz.


                      2. Has anyone used their delivery service? My son and some of his buddies will be in Philly in 2 weeks without a car.

                        I know this sounds like a dumb question but I have never lived anywhere where kosher places did delivery. The only time I have ever used delivery was Dougie's in NY (don't remember exactly where) and it was awful! Dougie's was usually very good.

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                        1. re: SoCal Mother

                          I have never used them and most likely won't. i live too far out for it to be worthwhile , :( I would do this: go to the Philadelphia Chow board and ask them as i am pretty sure the service they use will deliver all types of food. Be sure to say your boys will be near Temple University (the Hillel has kosher food BTW) or in University City or where ever. The Philly board people have alwasy been nice and helpful when i have asked a question.

                          1. re: Prettypoodle

                            It appears that the delivery service is NOT the restaurant but rather an outside company. They will be staying fairly close to the restaurant.

                            1. re: SoCal Mother

                              Because they do deliver in the city I suggested you ask for more info on the Philadelphia board. i am sure omeone there has used them and can comment.

                          2. re: SoCal Mother

                            What delivery service do they use? They are on, which is well known and reliable, but the menu on there has not been changed to reflect the new Kosher version of the restaurant.

                          3. Just returned from after wanting to go to Max and David's and hearing that they closed!'s location is quite iffy. Cabby remarked that he can take us elsewhere if we wish! Customers were keeping an eye out for their car!
                            Food was iffy as well. Beef burger dry, and guacamole sparse. Fries were good, as was slaw. Hubby's grilled chicken dry as well.
                            Staff nice but mixed up order twice.It was definitely disappointing after reading the reviews here.

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                            1. re: 4greatkds

                              It's a touristy area. I walked there last time. It's not gorgeous but I wouldn't call it iffy at all.

                              1. re: 4greatkds

                                Both locations are far from iffy. Which one did you go to and what day/time was it? The food is pretty inconsistent but the chicken schnitzel is actually really good. The problem is that the bread is terrible, ask for it on the burger bun instead.

                                The big problem with the burgers is that I've seen some of cooks constantly pressing down on the patties with the spatula, squeezing out all the juices, and moving them all around the grill before flipping so they can't caramelize. Also, they have little to no ability to cook to ordered temperature.

                              2. The new location south and 3rd? And it was really sketchy , seriously. All in all disappointing, and not because we were disappointed about not being able to go to max & David's.

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                                1. re: 4greatkds

                                  Sorry, but it's not sketchy. Take a look at the crime rate for the neighborhood.
                                  Urban does not equal sketchy.

                                  1. re: 4greatkds

                                    That is the original location... South Street on a nice day or night is busy with all kinds of people, many are punks and jerks, is that what you mean? It's hardly unsafe or sketchy, in fact there is a police officer at every corner... People keeping an eye for their car probably because of parking tickets, not vandalism.

                                    BTW the newer location at 19th & Chestnut tends to have better and more organized service I think, but's tiny, mostly takeout.

                                    1. re: 4greatkds

                                      It's really not skechy - have been there after dark by myself to pick up an order and it's fine - the area looks tougher than it is - there are nice stores there as well as punky ones and while it's not a typical suburban crowd (to say he least) it is safe. Also, we have found the food to be good the many times we have eaten at each location. Of course, comparing to Max and Davids is comparing apples to oranges.

                                      1. re: a727

                                        If you read my comment carefully, you would see that it said I am not comparing to max & David's . I stand by my opinion and that of my husband and! Cousins eating there , that the grilled chicken and burger with guacamole were dry. Still was an interesting place with pleasant crowd and staff.