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Aug 31, 2011 12:09 PM

Bottomless Champagne Brunch

I haven't lived in New Orleans for a number of years but I'm planning to come back for a long weekend with some friends in October. Are there any places left that do bottomless or unlimited champagne with their brunch? Otherwise, does anyone know of some ideas for fun places to go for brunch that aren't completely stuck up? We are looking for a somewhat relaxed Sunday Funday while we are in town. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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  1. yes, the Rib Room does this on their sunday brunches. i went not long ago and it was good and fun.

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    1. check out Rue 127 and Cafe Atchafalaya for their brunches.

      Cafe Atchafalaya
      901 Louisiana Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115

      1. Katie's on Iberville, I think has bottomless breakfast drinks.