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Aug 31, 2011 11:01 AM

eatting and drinking kosher on South Street (Phila. Pa)

All of the sudden there are several chpoices and i am making it my mission in life to try them all:)

There is the wonderful (more in another post I promise) on South between 3 and 4.

Right off of South next door to Lickety Split (NOT Kosher) on 4th is is Chicken .org Looked and smelled yummy when i poped in tyhe other day. YUMMY looking faimily meals on the menue starting at $16.95 for a whole chicken and two sides which i WILL be trying soon!

Right off of South on 5th is Homebaked Goodies by Roz. To die for PARVE baked treats. The Apple Cake is a MUST! Trust me on this it is soooooo good!

If you are in search of a beer or glass of wine you can get that too:) The irish pub nexst door to sells KOSHER beer and wine!! Seriously! There is a sign on the frint door in English and Hebrew that says so! The food is NOT kosher but they do have kosher beer and wine. As I am a lightweight when it comes to drinking anything stronger than a diet Coke, I will let someone else give a first hand review. i just thought it was kinda cool:)

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  1. I won't be in Philadelphia until a few months from now, but when I come I'm going to go back through all of your recent posts. It all sounds wonderful. But, what's behind all of this? Has the economy, or the Jewish community been expanding? Are Jews in Philadelphia suddenly just eating more chicken and apple cake? I'm genuinely curious.

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      I am not sure why all of the sudden South Street has become Kosher Central but it makes me happy. I am in the city usually 2 times a week and always at a meal time and with a transit pass so getting to South Street is very easy. Sadly these places are my only real reasoin to go to South Street on a regular basis.. All the art stores are closed. Pearl is no loss IMO - we now have a Blicks in the city, but i still after so many years miss South Street Art Sipply!

      Roz has been in buisness for many years, has been Kosher (Keystone K) for I am not sure how many years. She is also the neighbor of my friend Lou. He was the one who insisted I get an apple cake. Prior to that I has only had cupcakes, the chocolate ones are really great and a fav of mine. The only reasin I didn't have one on Monday is she was closed for vacation!

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        I visited with my family last week, and we were really impressed. The chicken was fresh and delicious (we tried roasted and fried--both were great!), and the sides were pretty good too. We also had a shnitzel sandwich, which was delicious: the bread was fresh, and the shnitzel was moist. Sandwiches come with unlimited sauces and salad fillings--I recommend the chipotle sauce. The place itself is tiny, but the staff welcomed customers to bring their food around the corner to, which looked roomier. Prices were great in my opinion--11.95 (iirc) for a quarter of a chicken and two sides. The only complaint I noticed was that customers were asking for grilled chicken cutlets, which wasn't on the menu, but probably should be.

      2. re: AdinaA

        The Kosher community in Center City has grown alot over the last few years. There are alot of new Kosher restaurants in CC, not just in the South St area. There are two things behind this, IMO: the fact that the community that keeps kosher has grown significantly, and the fact that there are more restaurants that serve the general population (ie vegan restaurants) that have been able to become kosher without having to rely solely on the kosher population.

      3. shabbos lunch at mikvah israel, any farbringen by Rabbi Shmidt (but thats not really about the food)

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          Shabbos lunch at Mikveh Israel is indeed delicious, though that's not South Street. And Rabbi Schmidt (who is in the South St area) is a great musician; I haven't heard him farbreng but I imagine it's good.

        2. Meet me on South Street, the hippest street in town!!