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Aug 31, 2011 10:55 AM

Noches Mexicanas at Rocker Oysterfellers in Valley Ford

A two night per week pop up has started up. The food was good. We had tacos dorados, drowned torta, and carnitas. I do think they need to reconsider prices. A torta for 14 bucks?

Margaritas were very good but also pricey at $9.50.

Monday and Tuesday evenings only, try for yourselves

Rocker Oysterfeller's
14415 Valley Ford Road, Valley Ford, CA 94972

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  1. Hi Andrew, Thanks so much for the post. We hope you had a nice time. Our goal is to keep the menu small using local & quality ingredients focusing on different regions of Mexico. We are using Niman Ranch Pork & Rancho Gorda beans for the torta as well as and Liberty Duck for the carnitas. We try and keep up the same quality with our bar using hand squeezed juices for our margaritas and Patron Citronge and either El Jimador or Cazadores Reposado. Thanks for your feedback regarding the pricing. We will be looking for some more value added options as well.

    Liberty Ducks
    520 Fair Ave, Petaluma, CA 94952

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      Hi Shonac, Thanks for your response. I thought the quality of all the offerings was very good and I would like to come back for the duck. I realize you are using prime ingredients and this results in a higher price. Also the economics of doing a pop up only two nights a week may affect pricing as well.

      Your competition (about a jillion mexican restaurants here in the north bay) price their plates lower for a variety of reasons, however. And your clientele will need to be convinced the extra cost is worth it. People are used to inexpensive Mexican food.

      I wish you suerte in this endeavor. Provecho!

      1. re: shonac

        In Oregon, They don't know too much about fusion yet. Hailing from the BA, I know and have the head for Fusion and started a killer BBQ wine freindly catering biz. You all should bow..
        This idea of Duck carnitas is epic. Killer. If your clientel goes for it, Power!
        But restaurant pricing works at 33-40% of cost. An Ancient culinary school rule.