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Aug 31, 2011 10:54 AM

Breakfast on Long Beach Island

Hey folks. My wife and I will be visiting friends on Long Beach Island (northern end) this weekend and I'm looking for advice on a good breakfast location. From perusing previous threads, it seems that Uncle Wills and The Chicken of the Egg are good bets; however, we are staying up around 70th Street. Any good breakfast locations on the northern end of the island?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Our favorite is something never written on this blog....Go to the Inlet Deli in Barnegat Light, grab a bagel sandwich of choice (they make them to order), take it to down to the lighthouse and watch the boats come in and out. It's something you can't repeat at home.

    If you aren't interested in that, then go for Mustache Bill's in Barnegat Light...almost always a line so keep that in mind when you go. I know it's won awards but our meals there are 'sometimes good and sometimes not'....hopefully you'll get a good one! And after breakfast go visit the lighthouse.

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      Went to Mustache Bill's this morning and were really satisfied. It is a diner. It has diner food, diner prices and diner service. If, thinking about the James Beard Award and the Triple D mention, you are anticipating something that is transcendant, you will be disappointed. But if you are looking for a diner experience, you will not be. The omelettes were fabulous. Somehow they come out with a lot of thin layers of egg that keep the filling anchored. My husband had the potato skin omelette and it was delicious. I would have been jealous, except he agreed to give me his leftover portion. I had the cinnamon french toast. It did not come out hot (the butter pat didn't melt) and it wasn't as good as my own french toast. But, the coffee was hot, and the experience was far warmer than most restaurant experiences we have in New Jersey. We will probably go back again next weekend. Out of season, it is only open Fridays to Sundays and it closes ast 3.

    2. Love the chicken or the egg, but it is a pain to get there from the North End. Try Scojos. It's down around Surf CIty area

      307 Long Beach Blvd, Surf City, NJ 08008

      1. Black Eyed Susan's in Harvey Cedars is good for breakfast. And the Key West Grille in Surf City does nice crepes for breakfast, too. If you are willing to drive to Ship Bottom, the Sandbox Cafe is an adorable outdoor cafe and the food is excellent. Cash only. What ever you do, don't go to Wally Mitchell's. The service is horrible.

        1. I'm reaaaaaaally hoping some LBI regulars will help me come up with the name of the place with the FANTASTIC pancakes. Not crazy south of the bridge, but definitely not north, on the western side of that main drag...GRRRRR I'm not big on pancakes, but we just LOVED them there...

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                On the boulevard, south of the causeway is LBI Pancake House. I know it's in Ship Bottom, but not sure if that's the exact name. Oh, definately Mustache Bill's.

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                  Yes! LBI Pancake House. Confirmed w/my friend who took us there. :-) NOT fancy, and iirc, we got there just before they closed, so check the hours.