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Aug 31, 2011 10:04 AM

Bourdain Barbecue truck. Milford, CT

Been seeing this truck with it's smoker parked outside Sports Authority on Boston Post Road. Has anyone been yet? Looks interesting. Cajun perhaps? Pulled pork perhaps?

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    1. re: trufflehound

      Seriously doubtful, the press would have been all over it.

      1. re: ratbuddy

        Just drove by it and noticed the truck said "Boudan Barbeque"

        This is their website:

        haven't tried it yet...

      2. re: trufflehound

        Sorry about bad typo or auto correct on my iPhone. Must have Anthony on my brain. Thanks for link. Looks good. Well have to try it. I hope it takes off.

      3. I haven't but I will say that's a terrible location.

        We could use some good BBQ in town though. Maybe downtown somewhere might be a better location.

        1. Went for lunch yesterday. We shared a "Smitty Special"- a 12" soft grinder roll with BBQ- sauced pulled pork, caramelized onions and cheddar cheese(cole slaw was advertised as on the sandwich, but came in a small container on the side), an order of "Truck Beans" and a Foxon Park orange soda. Total was $18.

          Pulled pork was not really pulled as I expect it. It was plentiful, very tender, not fatty, and had a distinct, but not over- powering smoke flavor and was cut into fairly large bite-sized pieces. Caramelized onions added a nice sweetness. Unfortunately, the bread was not sturdy enough to support the weight and wetness of the ingredients- luckily, he cut it in half and wrapped the halves individually, and provided forks, plenty of napkins and wet-naps. Cheddar was visible but didn't add much noticeable flavor to the heavily sauced sandwich. I added slaw to my 1/2, and while it provided a little crunch, it didn't add much to the flavor profile, and while well-seasoned, was not my particular cup of cole slaw tea- I like it to have a bit of sweetness, vs the vinegary taste of Boudan's. In fact, everything was well-seasoned, except for the sauce itself- it could use a little heat and/or acid and sweetness- I will try a different kind (he offers 3) next time. The beans were the star of the show- rich and complex, with a variety of beans, onions and meat. 1 order was plenty for 2 generous servings. Nothing asked for the salt and pepper packets also in the bag.

          Location is TERRIBLE- there is just no non-aggravating way for me to get there from the Devon section of Milford. He seems to be doing ok despite the location- there was a steady stream of people while we were there waiting (less than 10 minutes, and there was a large order right before us), and while we ate in a shady spot.

          Despite the hassle of the location, I would go there before Joey's C's in Devon, although we discussed giving them a fourth(and final) chance while we were eating Boudan's.


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          1. re: JenJeninCT

            Is there any place to sit? On my drive-by I noticed only the truck, and a shade tent with the smoker and 2 folding chairs underneath. It seemed like you would either need to retreat to your car, or sit on the grass in the sun.

            1. re: plien69

              No, we parked in a shady spot, opened up the tail gate of my SUV, and ate there- this is another location gripe, as there is no place other than your car to sit- we often go to the boat launch at the Harbor in Milford, but that's pretty far (and a long time with the traffic).

              1. re: plien69

                We were told that regs state that if he were to provide seats, he would have to provide a bathroom. That's CT for you.

                I thought the sandwiches were great. Jen (above) nailed it, the meat had a "distinct, but not over- powering smoke flavor." We had a pulled pork sandwich, a baby back rib sandwich, 2 small sides of cole slaw and a big red beans and rice side. All for $20. out the door. I got the impression that this was a fella that takes pride in his food. If I worked in the area I would get lunch there at least once a week.

            2. I tried it about a month ago.

              Each time I have driven by, there has been no one there. Second, the day I went, I showed up around noon. So I showed up and learned that he had "sold out" of pretty much all the meats except for the pulled pork. Not sure how you sell out without customers - felt to me like he was trying to get hype going or something. Who knows.

              What is served is really a chopped pork sandwich (should be labelled with more care), with bits of crunchy gristle (cartilage?) in a couple of the bites which didn't help the overall cause. Nothing about it really was any good - the coleslaw (which I often like on a pulled pork sandwich) was soaking in mayo and dull, the BBQ sauce was too sweet and overpowered everything else and the roll was not a great match.

              Didn't have the ribs (due to the "sold-out" condition) but I have no interest returning.

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              1. re: Jestner

                Ribs were also "sold out" when we went on Sat mid-afternoon....hmmmm

                1. re: JenJeninCT

                  I saw that truck when I drive by during lunchtime, but never stopped for lunch. Now that I have read the reviews, I probably will not go. However, I did notice another lunch truck I thought in front of Whole Foods, did anyone see that one?

                  1. re: razkel

                    I did. Think it's a Whole Foods lunch truck. I think they may be bringing their show on the road.

                    1. re: kwhitehead

                      So you can go there and eat off the truck. What kind of food?

                      1. re: razkel

                        I'm guessing that they will take their food mobile, like to parties, events, etc. . This is all speculation though.

              2. I made it a point to stop the weekend before last. The pork is not so much pulled as it is "hunked" or pulled into half inch diameter sections. I didn't really care as it was quite good with the mustard sauce he offers and The amount was definitely not stingy. It was 8 bucks for a sandwich with a side of slaw. The slaw was pretty good, but not why I stopped, so I'm not factoring it into my review.

                The "classic" sauce offered wasn't my favorite, as I got a second sandwich for the girlfriend and imposed a one bite tariif before delivery. It had a bit of heat to it, but in all honesty, that's all I remember, as the mustard sauce really did it for me.

                I would (and plan to) definitely go back without hesitation.