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Aug 31, 2011 08:57 AM

Cheaper eats near Wailea

Hey there. I am going to be staying 5 nights at the Fairmont in February. I have seen a lot of posts about the best of the best, and have some thought, but many options to chose from, near there for upscale dinners.

I am looking for cheap choices near there. Everything from somewhat casual sit-down spots to grab and go choices for lunches. Any and all cheap but delicious dining feedback is appreciated.

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  1. I'm sorry but you are dreaming. "Cheap" near there.......You might just want to buy food at the Foodland market (which has a different name) in the Mauna Lani shopping center. The resort area is not near much of anything. Having been there hundreds of times I can attest to this. Part of the charm of being in a place like this is the little restaurants by the pool for example.

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      That isn't super helpful. I know about a happy hour hear or there or specials for early birds. I am sure there are some tips or info you could send my way. Food trucks, etc?

      But I am sure I will eat poolside often...

      1. re: Chargenda

        Manomin is right about nothing cheap and are talking about an isolated luxury resort that makes a great deal of its income from overpriced meals and services and their whole business model is contrary to your premise. The nearest things are other luxury resorts and the business that serve that clientele.

        Assuming you have a car, (if you don't, you won't see much of Maui) the nearest "cheap" will be in Kihei, several miles north from the Fairmont. Maybe that will satisfy the "near" but be aware that cheap on Maui may not be very cheap by Mainland standards. Others more familiar with the latest in Kihei can possibly offer specific suggestions, as it has been several years since I was there.

        You may want to adjust your expectations to the reality that "cheap and near" and "luxury resort" are incompatible on Maui, and probably anywhere in the state.

        As a question that is marginally related, I wonder where the local employees of those resorts eat? I guess it is possible that there is staff dining at discounted prices that would not be accessible to guests, but just curious if anyone knows, as I'm sure they can't afford to eat at any of the resort public venues. I'm sure some eat before or after shifts, or bring stuff with them to eat during breaks, but I know some must have long shifts and may not want to or be able to leave during breaks.

        1. re: macaraca

          Maybe they have an employee cafeteria. Many hotels have that as an option. When I worked at Marshall Field's (a million years ago before I moved to HI) we had the most amazing employee dining area, great food and ridiculously affordable You are correct in the other parts of your post. Kihei would be the closest thing with the possibility of "cheap."

          I realize in my original post I spaced out and was thinking about the Fairmont at Mauna Lani, the Foodland part notwithstanding I still stick with my original thoughts. There are a growing number of "Foodtrucks" as distinguished from the local lunchwagons. He may want to also consider twitter as that is how they let people know where they are. This weekend is a foodtruck event on Maui. Someone who lives there hopefully can help out.

    2. Maui Tacos in Kihei and Jawz food truck at Big Beach lot in Makena..
      Happy hour at Sansei for sushi in Kihei.

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      1. re: Beach Chick

        There's a barbecue truck, not the Jawa truck, that parks on the road to Makena beach. If you find it, try the fish tacos. The Kalua pork sliders are quite messy, but tasty with the mango hot sauce. Hawaiian cole slaw is also tasty, with bits of pineapple.

        Skip the fruit stand across the street. It's wildly overpriced.

        In Kihei, Vietnamese Cuisine in the Azeka Makai is quite good, although it's on the higher end of "cheap." Think pho for $8-$9 and hotpots for $13.

        Vietnamese Cuisine
        1280 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753

      2. It depends on what you mean by "near". Here are some of the "cheap eats" in South Maui.

        Peggy Sue’s (Kihei), Stella Blues , Da Kitchen, Alexander’s Fish Chicken & Ribs, Cheeseburgers in Paradise , Mulligan's on the Blue, Eskimo Candy, Lulu's, South Shore Tiki Lounge , Joy's Place (who has a great meatless burger too), Moose McGillycuddy's, Cuatro, 808 Bistro and The Greek Bistro.

        Da Kitchen
        2439 S Kihei Rd Ste 107A, Kihei, HI 96753

        Eskimo Candy
        2665 Waiwai Pl, Kihei, HI 96753

        Joy's Place
        1993 S Kihei Rd Ste 17, Kihei, HI 96753

        Stella Blues Cafe
        1279 S Kihei Rd Ste 201, Kihei, HI 96753

        Greek Bistro
        2511 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753

        Moose McGillycuddy's
        844 Front St, Lahaina, HI 96761

        Peggy Sue's
        1279 S Kihei Rd Ste 303, Kihei, HI 96753

        South Shore Tiki Lounge
        1913 S Kihei Rd Ste L, Kihei, HI 96753

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        1. re: scottca075

          I would define all those as near! Great suggestions from the last few posters. Just what I was looking for...

        2. The Waterfront Deli is inside the Whaler's General Store at the Shops at Wailea and they serve sandwiches and other take out items, some hot options as well. Matteo's is pretty reasonably priced. There is a Pita Paradise in the Wailea Gateway center as well as a Subway. Monkeypod Kitchen in the same center has happy hour from 3-5:30 and 9-11 every day and the food is very good.

          Pita Paradise
          1913 S Kihei Rd Ste M, Kihei, HI 96753

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          1. re: Juji

            Oh! That's great about Monkeypod happy hour. I wanted to try that. I have a full list of ideas now. Thanks!

            1. re: Juji

              Excellent suggestions. The sandwiches at the Waterfront Deli are quite good. To the OP, do remember that cheap on Maui is a relative term - especially down Wailea.

              1. re: mander

                Indeed. I expect to pay vacation prices, and I live in Chicago and work downtown on Michigan Avenue, so I get how tourist mark-ups work!

            2. Go to Foodland in Kihei for poke and musubi. Also try Isana for Korean food. Da Kitchen in Kihei has some good food but the girls at the counter are grumpy. Portions are enormous. Some people will tell you to go to Freds and Cafe O'Lei but both are gross. Wokstar is fun though the food isn't great - oh actually the bbq place behind it isn't that bad.

              Da Kitchen
              2439 S Kihei Rd Ste 107A, Kihei, HI 96753

              Isana Restaurant
              515 S Kihei Rd Ste C3, Kihei, HI 96753

              , Wailuku, HI 96793