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Aug 31, 2011 08:30 AM

The Meat Market, Great Barrington

Am headed down to GB next week to check out the new Meat Market and the Salt Store. Was thinking about lunch at The Meat Market, as I noticed they had a photo of a board listing sandwiches. Has anyone eaten there, got any feedback?

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  1. the meat market is awesome, all local meat paired with local produce/breads and even popcorn! I had the lamb burger with eggplant relish of some sort, my friend had the cuban, to die for, good portions, cool meat locker to look in and see all the fresh meat hanging, lots of specialty cuts for ethnic recipes, very cool place to sit and hang

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      1. re: Lenox637

        I've been buying meats there, tried some of their smoked items, but still have yet to have a sandwich. Sounds like it's about time.

      2. re: localfood1001

        I KNOW The Meat Market gets good press. I like their philosophy.

        The people who work their are great. No pretentiousness.

        I think its bad. I had their roast beef sandwich. It comes on rye bread (delicious), with horseradish mayo (it was ok, not great) cheddar from VT (very flavorful), and about 1/4 lb. freshly made, chilled rare roast beef (I could not bite through it it was so tough and it lacked any salt).

        The beef was very thinly sliced, so I could not figure out what was the problem. the sandwich fell apart. it was a disaster and even deconstructed it was not delicious. I was VERY disappointed. And while its amazing to see them butcher their meats in front of you, the pieces in the case looked dry and shriveled. I say this because it is my business to know ( I am in the food business) I just don't get the hype!!

        1. re: LETTUCEINLOVE

          I've been having a problem the concept, want to love the place but it's hit or miss. Have had some good, fresh meats (know what you mean about shriveled, Lettuce), primarily pork chops, but even there, some issues. I do eat and enjoy pork fat, and don't mind trimming some on my own at home, but when the fat cap is about half of the chop, and the price is astronomical......

          As to prepared foods, have never had one of the lunch specials but did try the fried chicken dinner last summer. I love fried chicken, and don't cook it. It was good, but two tiny pieces and a side of a watermelon salad for a lot of money. It wasn't that good. Actually, though the chicken doesn't have the pasture raised heritage, The Flying Chicken in Troy, NY does great fried (brined) chicken, available by the piece, at KFC type prices.

          I did get a pricy but delightful smoked duck breast from the Meat Market that I would purchase again.

          1. re: LETTUCEINLOVE

            Unfortunately I agree to a certain extent. The meats are good, but not really better than Guido's which while not cheap either is much less expensive.

            I had a pulled pork sandwich which was not great. Kind of greasy, with no smoke flavor, topped with bland cole slaw and served with a side of room temperature couscous (?).

            The problem with the "local" food movement is it's just not going to catch on enough to really change anything until the prices are in line with what you pay for "non-local" food. Otherwise it will remain a niche product for people with money.

            1. re: nfnebwiri

              Good to know, rfn. I'd been planning on trying their pulled pork if I hit a day it was available as a sandwich. Thanks.