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Aug 31, 2011 07:50 AM

where to find miss linda's ya ka mein

just saw the anthony bourdain show taped here and my wife would give her left hip to try the ya ka mein. anyone know where this lady can be found?

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  1. I looked it up on Yelp and got:
    Big white house near Washington and S. Liberty
    New Orleans, LA (504) 344-7218

    But for her ya-ka-mein off the truck, she can usually be found at events like parades, concerts, etc. Anywhere there is a crowd, apparently.

    1. thanks for the response-i saw the same. was hoping to find a definite location and time where she could be found.

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      1. re: lsukev

        You could always call the phone number listed and ask :)

      2. I think she isalso at Jazz Fest every year. I've had it out there few times. Not that that helps you now.

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          While not Miss Linda, I know Sesame Inn in Mandeville has yat ka main and it is probably at some other Oriental restaurants too. I know my first taste was from Youngs on Decatur Street way back.

          I don't know if the Young's on Williams in Kenner is from the same family roots.

        2. Piggybacking off the original poster--where else in town can I find a good bowl of yakamein? I've been here for a few years but haven't tried it yet.

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          1. re: midcity

            I had it at Man Chu when I was there in June. I really enjoyed it. You have to let it cool down for about 6 hours before you can eat it. I actually kept it overnight and ate it for breakfast the following morning. I really scoured New Orleans looking for the places I had researched online that had yakamein. Quite a few of them had closed. I love the mystery and history behind this food. I find it very intriguing because they have it in other parts of the country also. I've seen a whole blog and other posts here on chowhound that were dedicated to yakkamein in the tidewater region of Virginia. You should read Sara Roahen's book. It's actually called Gumbo Tales.

          2. to learn alot more about ya-ka-mein and other new orleans yummies, read Sara Roahen's book Gumbo Pages. she has a whole chapter on ya-ka-mein.

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              The awesome new quarterly food magazine Lucky Peach mentions it as well.