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Aug 31, 2011 07:39 AM

Dates and Sugar Cane Juice

Hi all,

I'm visiting San Diego in mid-late September and am looking to see if I can get a hold of these two items while I'm over there.

Dates: August and September are date season, and I know there are places in the desert in Southern California harvesting fresh, crunchy around this time. Anyone know if I can find anyone selling them in San Diego?

Sugar Cane Juice: I'm talking stalks of sugar can that are juiced on the spot for drinking -- Anyone come across this in San Diego?


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  1. Sugar cane isn't a crop that's local to Southern California, so if you find it, it'll be imported from someplace else. We're not quite that tropical ;-). Your best bets would be some of the local Latin markets like Northgate, Vallarta or Pancho Villa. Ranch 99 might also be an option. I've never seen freshly pressed sugar can juice in SD.

    For fresh dates try the Middle East groceries. I used to be able to get them at Vine Ripe in La Mesa, but they're under new ownership now and may not still stock them.

    Pancho Villa's
    3245 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104

    1. Across the hallway/inside the building of 99Ranch is Sau Voy and there is a sugar cane juicer, with canes stacked next to it, when in stock.

      There is also a juicer inside Lucky Seafood, behind the steam trays. (Mira Mesa Boulevard)

      Lucky Seafood
      9326 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA

      1. K Sandwiches has fresh pressed sugarcane juice - they press it to order and it is good

        For dates, one possibility may be to contact Shield's Date Farm in Indio and check if they have any distributors in San Diego. The Indian grocery stores on Black Mountain road usually have some, but not necessarily local.

        1. The fruit and vegetable stand that is to the right of Trader Joe's in UTC often has fresh Medjool dates available. I've gotten them in the past and they're quite good.

          1. Fresh Yellow Dates $1.49/lb Valley Foods Meditrranean Market1275 East Main El Cajon 92021

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              wow - those look seriously fresh!

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                Awesome - That's just what I'm looking for! Thanks!

                $1.49 a pound! Nice!

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                  They had those at Vine Ripe when I was in yesterday. I thought they were small white potatoes for a moment.