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Aug 31, 2011 05:10 AM

Cold pork belly, good gammon (SW11)

Dove's butchers in Northcote Road has started a deli counter. Fabulous thick slices of pork belly with excellent crackling (when I roast it and eat it the next day it never crackles), flavoured with Szichuan pepper. And truly excellent roast gammon with a brown sugar and mustard topping, hand cut for you so as thick as you want. Also pretty good baba ganouge and not-bad chicken liver pate.

For meat for home cooking, I prefer the other butcher in the road, Hennessy's.

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  1. Sounds fabulous. I've always wondered why Dove has a queue out the door and along the road, whereas Hennessy's is usually quiet.

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    1. re: gembellina

      Well, I think that's just because Dove's has the reputation and looks the part of the Victorian butchers shop more. Hennessy's meat is at least as good and cheaper (and you don't have to put up with Bob Dove's growsing!)

      1. Dove's is great and there's also a rather good deli counter at the back of Moen's in Clapham Common, great sandwiches made to order and the rest of the place is like Stringfellow's for carnivores ;-)

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        1. re: Fummunda

          I live just up the road from Moen, but always leave there frustrated!

          The first time, I bought cumberland sausages which were massively overseasoned (to my palate, anyway), the second time I had a confusing conversation with the butcher who didn't know what a chicken oyster was and I had to explain, and the third time got sold a rabbit that was about three times more expensive than I was expecting. Haven't been back since. Everyone else seems to love it, though!

          1. re: deansa

            Nope, definitely overpriced. I much prefer the butchers in East Dulwich, whose name escapes me atm.

            1. re: deansa

              Moen is definitely expensive. I like Chadwick's in Balham - they do some delicious ready=made stuff for the BBQ too.

              1. re: gembellina

                I don't think Moen's prices are out of line for the calibre of their stuff although admittedly I walk in with sirloin eyes and a sausage budget. Chadwick's is also a great place with very nice and knowledgable people behind the counter (and good sausages too).