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Aug 31, 2011 04:08 AM

Outdoor Kitchen Faucet

I'm having a Pavilion built next to the pool, with an outdoor kitchen. The kitchen part will be totally covered with a roof, but is not enclosed. I've decided on the Blanco Silgranit Granite sink (verus the Elkay E-granite). Having problems deciding on a good faucet without breaking the bank. Our weather can range from 0-degrees in the winter to 110-degrees in the heat of the summer. Have looked at the Blanco, Grohe and Kohler faucets. So many faucets have rubber parts on the pull-out sprayers...will the rubber go bad, being outside? Any suggestions on a great brand to use that will hold up? Thanks!

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  1. similar climate here

    We are now year 3 with an outdoor kitchen,needing a place for my retired 60" VULCAN range.
    Our plumber/gas fitter only recommended the three brands you list.I settled with a Kohler and still happy with my choice.
    We do winterise,drain and turn off the water.

    1. Thanks Icool...I am definitely aware that we will have to winterize all plumbing.

      1. Can't give you advice on faucet, but good outdoors hoses use rubber gaskets, so I don't see why that would be a problem.

        1. We have recently been looking at faucets, for indoors, and I noted that some of the pull down models now have a magnet to hold the sprayer in place. Such as this model:
          I'm not certian this totally eliminates all rubber, but its worth checking out. The biggest culpret for the rubber is ozone, but it will also be effected by UV and heat. Don't plan on it lasting as long outdoors as it would indoors.

          1. pavilion, pool, 2nd kitchen...and a faucet might break the bank?!!! Funny :)