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Aug 30, 2011 11:43 PM

Korean BBQ in Denver?

What are the best joints? I used to live in LA and thus, I greatly miss the late-night all-you-can-eat BBQ places in Koreatown.

I'd prefer the type of place with a grill in the table - and if anyone can tell me of a place that has "dduk bo ssam" (thick mochi-like rice paper squares) I will buy them dinner. I have been craving those things like mad.

Help! And thank you in advance!

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  1. Oh, I hope someone replies... I too have been craving Korean BBQ (or just Korean food generally) after a trip to LA. Haven't found anywhere worth returning to yet, but I also haven't scoured the Denver neighborhoods yet.

    1. Go to Aurora around Havana and Parker there are a number of options. Seoul BBQ, Sae Jong Kwan and Han Kang are the best places from what I've heard from friends. I still need to get over there to check it out myself.

      Whether they have the dduk bo ssam, I don't know, but HMart is nearby and may have them.

      1. Just tried Seoul BBQ, at Havana and Evans, and thought it was very good. A bit more upscale than I expected; not "fancy," but not a hole in the wall either. Banchan was probably a dozen bowls of interesting and unidentifiable bits of goodness (there was a gelatinous square that we thought was whitefish of some kind, but ended being rice or something). Bulgogi was good, but I think the BBQ grill at our table wasn't quite hot enough because it never really seared. Flavor was good, though. The best thing I had was the kimchi stew w/pork and tofu. Overall flavorful and wonderfully cheap (BIG bowl of food, plus all the little bowls of banchan, for like $9. BBQ dishes are spendier, though). I'm not knowledgeable enough about Koran bbq to know if this is top notch, but it's as good as any I've had in my limited experience. If it was closer to me I'd be a regular.

        1. I haven't been yet but I've heard Silla in Aurora is good. It's on my list of places for Korean food in the metro area. Definitely know that the Havana/Parker area is "the place" for Korean restaurants though (even when I was a youngster 20+ years ago).

          Appreciate the additional recommendations too. . .just need to find enough time to eat at all the places.

          Silla Restaurant
          3005 S Peoria St Ste F, Aurora, CO 80014