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New Mexican /Hatch Green Chiles?

quoting sally in 9/2010:
"Anyone spotted New Mexican green chiles at WF or anywhere else? It's the season..."

i heard the coolest thing from CH passadumkeg of Maine/N.M.: in N.M. they have roasters by the side of the road where they roast, peel and bag them for you at 50 cents/lb.!!

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  1. It's true! I've seen it with my very own eyes. Tis the season, and thanks for quoting me - made my day!

    1. Just got back from Wayland WF and asked the stock boy - he didn't recall seeing them this year - but then again he seemed pretty clueless as he didn't seem familiar with them and brought out tomatillos and jalepenos out of the back when he said he would check for me. But it was odd that there was one big anehiem, and about a half dozen small green ones that seemed about the size of hatch green chiles in a basket that had a sign for anehiem peppers and were going for $4 /lb.

      I hope they weren't early this year like last year, and I missed them.

      1. Side of the road, supermarket parking lots, the same places where the fireworks stands are in July and the Christmas tree stands are in December...much of New Mexico smells of propane and singed chile skins in late August and early September.

        I wouldn't expect to see green chile hereabouts for at least another week, possibly more. I've never seen it at Russo's before Labor Day, and given that everything else is late this year, I wouldn't be surprised if the chile is too.

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          if you do not use them to prepare chili, how do people eat the hatch peppers in new mexico? just with salt, pepper and perhaps some olive oil?

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            Pretty much anything can be topped with red or green chile. Or both, which is known as Christmas style, for obvious reasons.

        2. May not be good news for us on the east coast. Looks like not only draught conditions, but some farmer's didn't plant as much or at all this year. :-(


          “Some of our land we left out. We didn’t even farm because of the water situation, and a lot of other farmers have done the same thing,” Jim Lytle, with Hatch Chile Express, said.

          This year’s terrible drought conditions basically took every farmer without irrigation completely out of the game.


          Jesus Soto, who has farmed about 24 acres in the valley for close to 10 years, says the extreme weather will have an effect on this year's harvest.

          "The freeze was bad for us; then the draught hit us hard," Soto says while standing in a row of chiles on one of his two farms. "The river didn't give us any water, so we've been using water from the pump. The plants look beautiful, but they would look even better if we were able to get water out of the river."

          Also a little tidbit in that article about washing the chile after roasting which was a topic of debate in a previous thread. ;-)

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            L, how terrific of you to link this article from the el paso times/ written in hatch n.m. Fascinating! thanks much.

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              How sad to read!

              I lived in Tucson for 2 1/2 yrs - best thing there were the peppers being roasted in front of one of the grocery stores where I used to shop. Never did find out if they were Hatch peppers (it was a mostly Mexican store, and although I was trying to learn - I didn't/don't speak Spanish - but oh, you wouldn't believe how delicious those were, along w/the heavenly smell!!!)

              How I miss those!

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                Um-- If you're desparate -
                My sister and I saw a big bag of them at the Albertson's here in Highland, CA., for (If I remember correctly) $35/bag.

              2. $1.99 a pound at Fresh Market in Hingham as of this afternoon.

                1. Any sightings locally?

                  1. Maybe the furthest thing from everyone's minds here, but B ordered the green chili fries last Sunday at Magoun's. What we got were the usual Sysco steak fries (albeit fried well) smothered in Hatch green chilis and a cream sauce. Damn, did they go mighty fine with beer and football.

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                      Sounds great! Have you tried the curry fries there? That's top of my list as I make my way thru their menu...

                    2. Hatch Chiles are at Whole Foods now on sale for $.99 /lb. Some of them are much larger than I have seen in the past.

                      I grabbed about 6 lbs for some pork green chili that I make with them each year (except for last year - had to use generic anaheims) for the first sunday of football.

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                      1. re: LStaff

                        I picked some up a few days ago from whole foods charles river plaza for $1.99/lb. They were labeled Hatch chilies but were smaller and slightly darker than the ones the ones I bought there yesterday for $.99/lb.

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                          Anyone have a good pork green chili recipe that they can post on Homecooking, I would love to make it for the Pats game next sunday.

                            1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                              Fantastic! And the reason I keep up with chowhound. I didn't even know I needed to make this dish for the game! But now I'm on it.

                              1. re: yumyum

                                Do you need any pointers on how to roast and peel fresh green chiles?

                                1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                                  jo, i think you've mentioned that you do freeze some? if so, when you freeze them, do you roast them and leave on the blackened skin (to be removed , w/ seeds, after defrosting?) And how do you wrap/package them? thx much.

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                                    You can freeze them whole, post-roasting, with skins on, and they're easy enough to skin and seed after defrosting.

                                    But since all my green chile needs call for chopped, I just skin and seed them, run them in batches through the food processor and freeze the results in half-cup containers (which is generally enough for one batch of green chile stew for two people, with a bit of leftover for breakfast).

                                    1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                                      thx. you may be well set w/ your method, but if freezer space is at a premium for you, this technique might be helpful:


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                                        That link was very helpful for me - I tend to make lots of chicken stock as the cooler weather arrives. Thanks, opchef! Now to get me to WF for some of those Hatch Chiles... mmm!!

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                                      I roast them on my gas grill with the grill part taken out (just resting on the inverted v's on my weber). After charring, I let them sit in a paper bag to steam - after an hour of resting the skins basically slide off. I deseed and chop, then put them in a ziplock bag for the freezer.

                                      1. re: LStaff

                                        I make a small slit in the side and remove seeds before roasting.

                              2. re: phatchris

                                Here's my favorite recipe, from a Boston Chowhound a few years ago, I notice Jennie gave it just above but I'll second that recipe:


                            2. I've seen them at the Dedham whole foods the past two Sundays, so they're around

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                                There were a ton of them at the Symphony WF last week, nice bright green ones. They were giving out recipes for chimichurri sauce and I made some. Easy, terrific and makes quite a good amount. Great on the grill - had it with steak one time and chicken kebabs later in the week. Here's a link:

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                                  exc idea tat, th you! iirc jenny once posted his green chile chili ? recipe; maybe if you ask nicely, he'd post a link to it.

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                                      yessiree, that there is the one. seems i missed seeing it linked above.sigh.

                                2. re: devilham

                                  Sold out at Dedham WF. He who hesitates (me), is lost....

                                3. Wholefoods in Andover has plenty...right next to the avocados!

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                                    The River Street location has five pounds less than they did this afternoon.

                                  2. just fyi, today, fri:
                                    99cents medford wf but SOLD OUT at Fr Pond WF; more coming in wkend

                                    1. Another idea for your Hatch chiles. I was very impressed by this SW Pork Stew recipe; love the inclusion of varied chiles and bacon, cumin and masa harina:


                                      1. as an albuquerque native who has been in boston for a year now, i find this topic to be totally adorable. and now i want my green chile.