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Simon Pearce, Parker House Quechee, Vt

Sad news about damage in Quechee - best of luck.


Simon Pearce Restaurant
1760 Quechee Main St., Quechee, VT 05059

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  1. Efforts are underway throughout Vermont to rebuild through community involvement, fundraising, and hardwork. That is how we do it here, no bitching, no blaming, and no BS !

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      1. I hope they're able to get up and running soon. My husband and I had plans to go to the area at the end of the month, but the inn we were going to stay at flooded. We're trying to decide if we should book at another hotel. As long as enough good chow places are open (and we can get to them), we are still down for it. Does anyone have any other reports about restaurants in the Woodstock/Quechee area? Please post if so.

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          A link with MANY photos and videos of the utter destruction of poor VT, including Woodstock/Quechee which was entirely under water at times.


          The entire state is just devastated. From border to border. That whole area may not recover for many, many months. Not to mention it being safe for outside travelers to be in the area.

          Wish them all the best of luck. And donate if possible.

          Here's an article on some affected restaurants.


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            This is a slight exaggeration. There are plenty of great food and lodging venues that were unharmed by the storm. Your post seems to imply that there was nothing left standing. Yes, it's been devastating, but don't scare people off from coming in to Vermont to the places that are just fine or will be fixed soon.

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              Thanks, Morganna. We are planning to be in the NH/Vt area in a few weeks, so it was good to read your positive reply.

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                We had planned to visit Brattleboro Farmers Market. It was a raging torrent on Sunday but good planning, hard work and many volunteers have made it possible for the market to be open this Sat 9/3. I expect there are other places in VT that are quickly repairing damage. And other places where it will take longer. Suggest VT trip planners check reports on the area they plan to visit.

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                Support is indeed what VT needs. It was not my intent to shy people away but to make more people aware. It just seemed like most had no idea of how widespread this was.


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                I was SO sorry to hear about Woodstock Farmers Market! I LOVE that place and always go out of my way anytime I am driving on I-89 to shop their fresh local produce, great salads and fabulous sandwiches from their deli and bakery. The product on their shelves is obviously carefully chosen, and their staff favorites have become favorites of mine--like Koeze peanut butter and Colonna olive oil with organic Sicilian lemon. Will they rebuild?

                Woodstock Farmers Market
                16 Route 4 W, Woodstock, VT 05091

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                  Oh dear, this is one that I hadn't heard! I too love it. So sad - hope that they can rebuild!

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                    Yes, the Woodstock Farmer's Market (definitely a "must-visit" when you are in the area) was hit very badly. People are performing yoeman service in trying to get it back up and running. I think I read that they expect to be fully operational by December. I heard that the owners were still paying the employees through all this. If the mail order service comes back before the actual shop (it is in a different building, right next door, and was also badly hit), make sure you take a look at the website and see if you can support them through a mail-order purchase. If/when I hear anything, I will post.

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                  We in the nh/vt upper valley area still have many great places that are open! We have had great devastation, but fall is prime time up here so please come and support us and eat! The Woodstock inn may still be closed but there are lots of other lovely places. The Norwich Inn is open and just beautiful.

                  Norwich Inn Restaurant
                  325 Main Street, Norwich, VT

                3. Very sad news indeed. The Pearce family has been thru so much lately, with the terrible snowboard crash their son suffered, and now this.

                  1. Things aren't looking good in Vermont. Simon Pearce is closed. Here's their website with hurricane update: http://www.simonpearce.com/?gclid=CNS...

                    If you're planning to visit northern NE, better check road conditions and accommodations first.

                    Simon Pearce Restaurant
                    1760 Quechee Main St., Quechee, VT 05059

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                    1. Quechee's Parker House has reopened and there are a ton of other eateries and inns in the Woodstock/Quechee/WRJ area that will welcome you with open arms. Vermont needs you to visit now more than ever. You can call the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce for a full update. Happy travels!

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                        Whoa...the reports of the death of Vermont restaurants is greatly exaggerated. I am here in the midst of a lot of the destruction and I can assure that the restaurants are up and running and would welcome your business. With the exception of the Woodstock Inn, all of the downtown Woodstock restaurants are open. The wonderful Kedron Valley Inn is open as is the Inn at Weathersfield. I think Keepers is probably also ok. Come on over!

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                          That's good news--our thoughts are with you.

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                            Vermont is OPEN FOR BUSINESS ! Please come visit and enjoy your time here !

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                              Brandon is back, if we ever left. Cafe Provence is open. Our great local pizza joint is temporarily gone, literally. The flooding pushed it into Rte. 7 and it was taken down yesterday by a bucket loader. I've heard that she will be reopening soon across the street. The local breakfast and lunch diner is also open. I think all of the local B&B's and Inns are fine as well.

                              Cafe Provence
                              11 Center St, Brandon, VT 05733

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                                Glad to hear, Shann. A friend in Brandon said she and her home were fine but said downtown was a mess and told me about the pizza place.

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                                Glad to hear all the good news. Alchemist Pub and Brewery in Waterbury is looking to rebuild by the end of the year. Will definitely be revisiting once they're back in the saddle.

                                Good luck to all who are cleaning up and getting back to business (and pleasure).

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                                  Vermont is an amazing state, with people who have been helping each other for the past 2 weeks, shoveling and gutting and building and feeding. There is a huge effort to get up and running for the foliage season and they have already made heroic leaps and bounds toward that end. Many of the inns are offering special rates to encourage people to come. Please make calls before you decide not to come because since the cameras reported on the devastation, most have not returned to report on the unbelievable progress that has been made. And remember, the trees will all still turn red and orange and the beauty that has always characterized Vermont has not washed away with some of the roads.

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                                    Nicely said greenstate ! We are a resilient bunch that understands yesterday is gone so lets make the most out of tomorrow by working hard today !

                        2. Just wanted to let everyone know that the Brandon House of Pizza is reopened across the street from the old place that was washed away by Irene. Same great pizza and friendly service, much bigger location, although she has started out small and hasn't opened the big seating area to the side yet.