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Aug 30, 2011 09:01 PM

Super weird (and annoying) lags

When I open a post flagged as "new", the flag may or may not be removed. Even if it is removed, when I re-open the post it is like it is 'new" with only the most recent replies.

When I add a reply, posting seems to work, however when I go to my profile page, my post isn't shown and when I re-open the post it is gone. I added a reply to this topic and even edited it however it is gone.

I'm on a notebook and using IE9

Edit: going back to my profile, this topic is not appearing on my proflie page, though it has a number assied to it.

Ok, logged in and out. Cleared cache. Still ... profile not reflecting changes. However if I use the Site Talk and San Francisco boards, This new topic appears and the reply seems to appear in the Grocery Outlet thread BUT when I open the thread, my reply is gone.

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  1. Whether or not anythibng was done, I only have one remaining refresh issue today, so far. On IE9, the back arrow no longer refreshes the 'new' tag. This was not the case in the past as the usual way I access the site is to go to my profile page, click on a new link and then hit the back button. In the past, the profile page was refreshed and the 'new' tag would be gone. Not now. I have to use my bookmark for my profile page to refresh the profile page.

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    1. re: rworange

      Older Site Talk threads indicate that this issue has come and gone, seemingly of its own volition, as far back as 2007. In theory, the back-button behavior you and many other users have described should not even be technically possible in any web browser on any website. In practice, it clearly *has* worked on CHOW in certain browsers more often than not, but only through phenomenal coincidences involving any number of browser quirks, CHOW code oddities, and no doubt various planets going retrograde with Jupiter.

      We do have plans to investigate the exact arcana necessary to preserve / restore this behavior, but tracking this one down is going to be tricky even by our standards. I apologize for the aggravation in the mean time, and thank you as always for your patience.

      1. re: Engineering

        Thanks for the answer. It must be IE9 which I just started using.

        1. re: rworange

          Just my 2c.
          I log onto chowhound either at work or at home. My work computer gets updated regularly and I have had the lack of "new" refresh (with the back button) for quite sometime there. I installed microsoft updates only today on my home system. Before this afternoon, the back button refreshed the screen properly. New updates, new "new" refresh problem - the back button no longer changes the status of read threads....