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Aug 30, 2011 08:48 PM

deep fried nanaimo bars at The Ex

Does anyone know which food vendor at the CNE is offering deep fried nanaimo bars? I know it's being offered this year, along with deep s'mores, pop-tarts, oreos, twinkies ...

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  1. I don't recall seeing nanaimo bars, but the place that sells deep fried smores and pop tarts is on the midway.

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    1. re: trane

      I don't either, but there's a place in the food building that also sells the deep fried smores, pop tarts, mars bars, snickers etc. The closest to what you're thinking of may be deep fried brownies in the Direct Energy Centre, at the south end across from Hall B at Sweet Treats or maybe deep fried fudge, which is also in the food building.

    2. Deep-fried nanaimo bars were listed in the CNE program, but it was a mistake (or at least it was on opening day). Maybe someone took up the challenge?

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      1. re: Gritseeker

        deep-fried nanaimo bars sound amazing... however, they did have deep fried Jos. Louis (I think) maybe that is where the confusion started?