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Aug 30, 2011 08:16 PM

Tequila, Cigars in Playa del Carmen

Looking forward to some down time at the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort in a couple of weeks. Any help on quality tequila/rum merchants and cigar shops in and around Playa del Carmen would be greatly appreciated. Salud.

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  1. There is a tequila store on 5th Ave. between 4th and 6th sts, good selections but short on good mezcals. There are numerous small cigar shops along 5th ave between 4th and 14 sts. Be careful, counterfeits abound, especially Cohibas. Skip the Esplenditos, go with robustos or Siglo Tres. Partagas and H Upmann are good brands you will find, and Romeo Y Julieta. Actually, the Mexican Te Amo is a pretty good smoke. As for rum, numerous shops on 5th and 10th carry Havana Club, mostly the blanco, anejo, and 7 year. The 3 year is impossible to find, but if you do -jump on it. If you are driving from Mayakoba, stock up at Covi at the SW corner of Constituentes and 307. Check out Xtabentun, an inexpensive honey-anise liquer made only in the Yucatan. A good sipper with a puro.

    Mayakoba is a fun place, with a difficult golf course. Pools are better than the beach right there. Their premium rum is Matusalem from DR; I prefer HC. Buen Provecho.

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      My personal favorite rum is Flor de Caña 12 year. You should be able to get it down there.

      And I second the motion for Xtabentun.


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        Thanks Veggo, you do get around, senor! I'm here now and just returned from COVI. Nice wine selection but was somewhat disappointed with the tequilas, rums and mezcals. No 3 year Havana Club, but I did buy the Barrel Proof, which I've never tried. It was a worthy trip in that I ran into La Floresta and enjoyed very nice tacos de camarones. For the stogies, the kiosk in Wal-Mart proved fine for my rather limited needs (Romeo y Julietas are my regular smoke). I'm loving the Fairmont Mayakoba and will be on the course tomorrow.