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Silly food things you've bought lately

Mine are a takoyaki maker and a juicer. I rarely drink juice. It was such a bargain, though...

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  1. cippolino onions in balsamic vinegar. useless but tasty.

    1. A shark-shaped plastic snack holder. I put goldfish crackers in it, because I think that's funny(and zoologically accurate). I'd put people-shaped snacks in it, if available-it would entertain me even more. I am almost 26 and an attorney. No shame.

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      1. re: Brianne920

        Hey, I'm over 55 and just saw the ad for goldfish shaped bread--can't wait to find it! We all get to be silly at times.

        1. re: pine time

          I will neither confirm, nor deny, that I have already bought the goldfish-shaped sandwich thins-they tasted like regular soft wheat bread, but they are about as fun as bread gets.

          1. re: Brianne920

            I'm Jealous! Still haven't found the goldfish bread, but will buy it the first time I spy it. Hubs will get goldfish grilled cheese with no fore-warning about the adorable bread. And I am unanimous in that. (shades of Are You Being Served, Mrs. Slocombe)

        2. re: Brianne920

          They have Spongebob shaped crackers :) I think it's as close as you'll get to human crackers haha!

          1. re: Laurenjo28

            Definitely not above that, remotely :) They sound fun!

        3. A really huge, heavy, stainless steel grill spatula from Sur la Table that is supposed to be for fish. Actually my Mom bought it for me as a gift, but she was sure I would want it for grilling fish. It is so awkward that I will probably never use. Now that I think about it, might be handy for shoveling charcoal....

          1. Do those Lofthouse iced sugar cookies that make my teeth want to fall out count?

            1. Atomic Fireball candies. I went into the store at the gas station yesterday for a bottle of water and spotted them. I love them so, and am eating one now :)

              1. Does it count if it looks exactly like food? I found a set of refrigerator magnets shaped like different bonbons, right down to the little tiny pleated cups, and HAD to have them. Vive le chocolat! (They also had a set of differently-decorated petit fours.....adorable. Maybe next time.)

                1. Pickled Brussels Sprouts. I purchased some because of a coctail recipe that called for them. I thought they would be gross but they are actually quite good!

                  1. Shredded apple wood for the BBQ, which burns up in about 2 seconds.

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                      Soak in wine for an hour first. It won't burn as quickly and will give you a better flavor. Of course, you'd have to waste wine, which might defeat the purpose of saving the shreds a little longer.

                      1. re: Isolda

                        Thanks!! I'll get a box wine, merlot perhaps!

                      2. re: arktos

                        put some in a foil packet and poke a few fork holes in it, throw it on top of the grill. it will smoke slowly and not burn

                      3. New in the vending machine at work tonight: Herr's Texas Pete Hot Sauce potato chips and Baby Back Ribs potato chips. Both damn good -- far better flavors than the typical Lay's, Ruffles, and Pringles.

                        1. those little plastic containers shaped as garlic and tomatoes to store garlic and tomatoes in...my husband is famous for cutting a tomato and putting it in the refrigerator not covered, forget about it and then the next day do it again...I keep finding tomato halves...got tired of it so broke down and bought a couple...does he use them...NOPE

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                            I saw those just yesterday and actually thought seriously about it. We always have a ton of cheese in baggies, and my half-onions tend to get lost in the shuffle.

                          2. A glass jar of Cheez Whiz and a box of Special K crackers. Haven't had Cheez Whiz in years but it was definitely a favorite when I was a kid. Tastes about the same....

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                            1. re: Firegoat

                              When I saw this topic I clicked it so that I could add Cheez Whiz!
                              For the record...Cheez Whiz is good on...Tater Tots...a couple table spoons into Kraft Mac n' Cheese fundamentally changes it for the better...is the only cheese "I" put on a home made Philly...and turns a hot dog into heaven.

                              1. re: Aabacus

                                Love it. I hadn't had it in years.... but when I'd come home from college or working some crap job... mom would have cheez whiz and crackers for me. It's my comfort food. I'm just going to embrace it now.

                            2. I'm famous for buying things that aren't on the list when sent out on my own. I bought a can of Spam. It's still in the pantry.

                              1. Canned congee, but only out of curiosity. It was as gross as I expected.

                                1. I bought caramel flavored thin licorice ropes at Ikea yesterday. WTF was I thinking? They are chewy and rubbery, just like the red or black variety, only taste wrong.

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                                  1. re: jlhinwa

                                    I love caramel, and I thought I'd love anything remotely caramely, until I tried caramel chips (akin to chocolate chips). Disgustingly rubbery and not real caramel at all.

                                    1. re: pine time

                                      That does not sound good either. Caramel is a flavor/texture that should not be bastardized. If they can't do it right, don't bother!

                                  2. Kewpie mayonnaise. I searched several asian markets and couldn't find it, so I ordered it online. Finally got it in and the stuff is awful. Amazing how some people can find it to be so good.

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                                    1. re: jrock645

                                      Hmm.. I made a Japanese style potato salad from it that was the best I (and others said) ever had.

                                      1. re: arktos

                                        it may be good in stuff, i dunno. but just tasting it on its own was unbearable.

                                    2. To EWSflash (the OP)
                                      Have you tried out the takoyaki maker yet? How did it work out?
                                      Imagine replacing ingredients (like octopus) with other things (like shrimp, beans, etc) and have new approaches to this cooking method.

                                      1. A bananenhaus (cf Die Roten Punkte http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ga0PJS...) for SO who takes a banana to work every day. He spurned it with his foot stating "my bananas don't need protecting" so the niece is using and enjoying it.

                                        1. A bag of lentil based chips. Bleccchhh...