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Aug 30, 2011 07:37 PM

Silly food things you've bought lately

Mine are a takoyaki maker and a juicer. I rarely drink juice. It was such a bargain, though...

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  1. cippolino onions in balsamic vinegar. useless but tasty.

    1. A shark-shaped plastic snack holder. I put goldfish crackers in it, because I think that's funny(and zoologically accurate). I'd put people-shaped snacks in it, if available-it would entertain me even more. I am almost 26 and an attorney. No shame.

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        Hey, I'm over 55 and just saw the ad for goldfish shaped bread--can't wait to find it! We all get to be silly at times.

        1. re: pine time

          I will neither confirm, nor deny, that I have already bought the goldfish-shaped sandwich thins-they tasted like regular soft wheat bread, but they are about as fun as bread gets.

          1. re: Brianne920

            I'm Jealous! Still haven't found the goldfish bread, but will buy it the first time I spy it. Hubs will get goldfish grilled cheese with no fore-warning about the adorable bread. And I am unanimous in that. (shades of Are You Being Served, Mrs. Slocombe)

        2. re: Brianne920

          They have Spongebob shaped crackers :) I think it's as close as you'll get to human crackers haha!

          1. re: Laurenjo28

            Definitely not above that, remotely :) They sound fun!

        3. A really huge, heavy, stainless steel grill spatula from Sur la Table that is supposed to be for fish. Actually my Mom bought it for me as a gift, but she was sure I would want it for grilling fish. It is so awkward that I will probably never use. Now that I think about it, might be handy for shoveling charcoal....

          1. Do those Lofthouse iced sugar cookies that make my teeth want to fall out count?

            1. Atomic Fireball candies. I went into the store at the gas station yesterday for a bottle of water and spotted them. I love them so, and am eating one now :)