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Aug 30, 2011 07:15 PM

Food and Drink near PUR Hotel in Quebec City

I just posted about Montreal too, but also am looking for some recommendations in Quebec City.

I am looking for a few quality recommendations near PUR Hotel in Quebec City. I think maybe something not to pricey, nothing terribly high end. Maybe even some sort of hole in the wall will do.

Also, a good bar recommendation would be appreciated, something like a microbrewery, with lots of great variety of Quebec Drafts. Maybe even eating there would be ideal.

I appreciate any recommendations.

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  1. Well, you're right next to St-Joseph street, there's a lot of good places there for fun food, like the Cloche Penche (east) and l'Affaire Est Ketchup (east also). On the western end, you'll cross Rue du Parvis and you'll get the Versa (meh, more style than substance) and the Yuzu (can be somewhat expensive - they make good sushi but their a-la-carte can be really fun). You're also somewhat close to the Vieux-Port/:Lower Town section, which a bunch of cool selections, from casual "smoked meat' at Brynn, decent moules-frites at Moss, to the high-end places of the posh hotels in that area.

    For microbreweries, you've got Korrigane on Dorchester (PUR is on La Couronne, Dorchester is the parralel street on the eastern side) - a bit further west near the old Gare Du Palais (train station) is the Barberie, a great micro and local institution.

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      Wow, thanks. That is a fantastic and extensive list. I have made notes and will be checking out at least 2-3 of these options. I really appreciate your time Voidsinger.