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Aug 30, 2011 07:13 PM

What happened to Sorgho Rouge?

It used to be one of my favourite places in Chinatown 2 (especially their yu hsiang eggplant). However, the last few visits have been disappointing, to say the least. Salty, underspiced, no wok hai whatsoever...and the yu hsiang had no garlic...sigh...
From the looks of it, the cooks are not the same (nor are the women working FOH). I'm guessing when it "officially" changed its name and menus from Oui and Oui, there was a transition, but everyone there is new now. So it's off my list, but does anyone know where the previous cooks (from when it was Oui and Oui) are now? Because I would follow them anywhere for that yu hsiang eggplant...

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  1. Sorgho Rouge is now closed.
    A sign says "Now Loading.... Korean Food ^-^"

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    1. re: denpanosekai

      What?! Really?! oh *#&$, that was my favourite place for the spicy water fish! My bf is going to be devastated!

    2. I was pretty sure this had been posted before, but neither the new "improved" CH search nor Google showed anything, so...

      Sorgho Rouge has reopened in the former Golden Stone, former Magic Idea hot-pot location on St-Mathieu. Along with a menu that, at first glance, looks like what they were doing on Maisonneuve, they're also offering hot-pot.

      EDIT: On second thought, this thread probably wasn't the best in which to post this info.

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        Answering my own post, IIRC they're now at KanBai. Not the same eggplant, alas, but still good. And the new resto located where Sorgho Rouge used to be is Korean, extremely reasonable and quite good (finally tried it this weekend).