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Aug 30, 2011 05:04 PM

Seiya - San Carlos sushi and more...

Several of us gathered for lunch at Seiya in San Carlos. I didn't take notes so this is what I remember:

Geisha Roll: Broiled asparagus, tobiko topped with sliced lemon and salmon, yuzu, cucumber - very light tasting, some felt there was too much lemon $12

Hanabi Roll: Baked California roll topped with salmon, spicy mayo, unagi glaze, tobiko & scallions - everyone really liked this one, especially the addition of the unagi glaze $14

Yasai Tempura - Assorted vegetable tempura - competently fried, the usual assortment with the addition of 2 slices of lotus root and some okra $8.00
Tempura shrimp for each - very light hand with tempura batter $2.00 ea

Sashimi: Hamachi & Albacore - 5 pcs. of each - very fresh, cut slightly thicker than what I've previously seen - $12.00 per order

Butabara - pork belly skewers from the Robata grill - to me this didn't taste particularly porky nor did it really seem like pork belly. That said, there was nothing wrong with it... $3.00/skewer (we had 2).

A special of the day was a Spanish Mackerel served 3 ways: Sashimi, marinated and deep fried skeleton - beautifully served and very delicious. Didn't think I liked this fish but have changed my mind... $20. Photo says it all.

Fresh wasabi side order - $2.00 - so nice - made a good palate cleanser.

We had a curry dish that was the only downer of the day, not very tasty, only thing we didn't finish.

There was a diced pork belly thing over rice in an iron pot - rice got crispy on the bottom but I don't see it on the take-out menu.

I think the tab including tax and tip was $30/pp.

I will go back as there are lots of things on the menu I'd like to try (Ankimo pate with garlic ponzu, Onsen tamago somen - poached egg over Japanese noodle in dashi broth, Fish tacos Seiya style - I think I heard they use nori in place of the tortilla, some of the other rolls, Daikon salad - w/ salmon skin, radish, mizuna, bonito flakes, kaiware, garlic ponzu. Might be interesting to try omakase nigiri and/or sashimi....

Hopefully someone else will add to this as I can't remember if we had anything else.

Service was good. Not a quiet place, all hard surfaces so when it filled up with the lunch crowd it became difficult to be heard. Must be a zoo at dinner.

741 Laurel St, San Carlos, CA 94070

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  1. I really like Seiya, and though it's no bargain, the price is fair, given the quality. I particularly liked the sushi rolls and the tempura: the light, lacy crispness of the shrimp tempura and the bite-sized balance of the sushi giving evidence of a careful kitchen. In a word, I think it's finesse that sets Seiya apart from most of the other casual Japanese restaurants in the area.

    The shredded buta kakuni with preserved vegetables that topped the rice in the iron pot was a bit dry--it had been moister on a couple of previous visits--but it was still flavorful, and if you are a fan of the rice at the bottom of a pot, toasted to a crisp, Seiya does this very well. (I'm not sure, however, that it is available at dinner. )

    741 Laurel St, San Carlos, CA 94070