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Di Noko's - Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

I finally tried Di Noko's Chicago Deep Dish pizza and was pretty impressed. They certainly don't skimp on the cheese layer, and as a former Wisconsinite, that's goodness in my belly. Mrs. Gutgrease wasn't thrilled about me ordering their deep dish as she doesn't typically like the style. After all was said and done, she said that it was the best pizza that she'd ever eaten. This came from a woman who is never "wowed" by any food. In addition, she hates big chunks of vegetables especially tomatoes but loved the tomato chunks in Di Noko's Chicago style. We had the pepperoni and sausage and it was great. Left overs were great too when we heated them up in the toaster oven.

We went back this past Friday and ordered two deep dishes (both pep&saus) and were equally enthralled with the product. I also had a nice time talking to the proprietors both times.

That said the neighborhood isn't the greatest and you can't eat there - take out and delivery only. For me it's well worth the short drive over there. I'll try to link to the place, but best description is that it's just north of the airport and east of Lake Nokomis, close to Al Vento.

For reference, here is a previous thread about Chicago style pizza:

Di Noko's Pizzeria
5501 34th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55417

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  1. I'll definitely have to try It!

    I've been known to drag my wife all the way to Chicago just to have Gino's East sausage deep dish on my birthday. If you've ever had it, can you compare?

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      You can get a Gino's pie in the frozen section at Cub now.

      Question about the deep dish here at Di NOko's? Is it Chicago Deep dish crust or is it just a slightly thicker pan crust? I can't find any pics.

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        Shoot- I should have taken pics when we got it last week. It is a Chicago Deep Dish crust for all purposes- the crust comes up about 3 inches and is not too crusty and not too underdone. mmm. The cheese tasted like one big yummy cheese curd melted over the whole crust bottom, and the sauce was the only thing that threw me as different from a true Chicago- it was a little runnier- less baked to a paste as I've had in CHI. But besides the appearance, the sauce was awesome!! Try it out!

    2. DiNoko's is wonderful. I have never tried the deep dish, but will now for sure, maybe even tomorrow. They have I think 4 crust styles including thin, flat, hand tossed, and deep dish. We always get the thin, just because it is so good with usually canadian bacon and pineapple. They are a little heavy on the sauce, but as GutGrease said, they also don't skimp on the cheese. And the thin crust is sturdy enough to stand up to that plus toppings. It is wonderful beer and pizza style pizza. And- the owners/employees are great. We got a free pizza last Halloween because the wrong one was delivered to us, so they made ours over and delivered it, too. It is sad they don't have any in-store seating, but not sad enough not to order from there.

      Thanks for starting this thread GutGrease. I've been meaning to bring them up on the board. They could certainly use the business- one night I called and they warned me there would be a wait- 45 minutes.. the typical pizza delivery time. But on a normal non-busy day, you can get delivery in 20-25 minutes! So I highly recommend taking the trip to try them out if you haven't.

      mmm deep dish tomorrow night

      1. We originally tried their hand tossed pizza and thought that it was very good, then switched to the deep dish.

        Grandview - I've had Gino's and Giordano's each once or twice down in Chicago, but I can't pretend to remember the nuances except how good they were, so I can't accurately compare them. However, in my view it's worth the leap of faith.

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          I ordered a pizza from Di Noko's tonight and it will now be my "go-to" place for pizza. Well, maybe "go-to" isn't the right term because you cannot dine-in, only pick-up or delivery. It was that good. First of all, when I called in my order, I wasn't put on-hold or disconnected (I'm looking at you Chris and Rob's). The pizza was delivered within 30 minutes as promised, and it was really good. I got the flat crust, which is between a thin crust and a hand tossed. As stated above, they have four different types to choose from. I added pepperoni and banana peppers. The toppings were plentiful and tasty. There was just the right amount of chewy mozzarella. And by "right amount" I mean a lot of it, but not too much. The sauce had a little bit of a kick to it, which I really liked. At any rate, I am looking forward to my next pizza from Di Noko's.

        2. I tried the deep dish this past weekend. It was pretty good. Very close to authentic. They lay the sauce on top. Oh, btw, the sauce is cruda style--chunky tomatoes, not the traditional thick pizza sauce. And I even got the whole wheat dough, still very good. Thumbs up to Di nokos (deep dish--don't know about the other styles).

          1. I noticed that they have "summer hours" in effect right now, meaning that they are closed Monday-Wednesday. Has anyone talked to the owner lately to see how business is going? Hopefully this is not the beginning of the end. It's consistently the best pizza that I've ever eaten in the Twin Cities.

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              I also noticed they had "summer hours" in effect when I tried to order Deep Dish on a Tuesday. Have not talked to the owner, but was hoping the same, that it was not the beginning of the end.

            2. From their facebook page today:

              "Hi Everyone,

              Hope the summer has been good to everyone.

              After being closed Monday-Tuesday and Wednesdays for some of the Summer. Which I needed.

              Starting September 5th will be back at it 7 days a week 3pm till 9 and 3pm till 8pm on Sundays.

              I am still working on new location which I hope to announce around the first of October. If all the pizza gods line up for me.
              Will be quite a change from what I am working out of now. "

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              1. re: gromit

                Great to hear, on both fronts!

                1. re: gromit

                  I'll thank the pizza gods right now that he's coming back stronger and better. Thank you Pizza The Hut

                2. Grabbed one yesterday, it is pretty much as advertised. Really good pizza. Pep and ground beef, you can the thin layer of pep topped with about a half inch of cheese.

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                  1. Latest update from Facebook:

                    Same Great Di Noko’s Pizza with Exciting Changes!
                    After 3 years in South Minneapolis, I must address the future for my customers and business by relocating in late November. This move will allow ample space to offer loyal customers the same service, plus an expanded menu, dine-in restaurant and bar.
                    Our new location will be near the existing Metrodome, and eventual new Vikings’ stadium. We will need to close for 7-10 days in mid-November as we make our move. (Look for a post over the next week or so which will include the new address and more details).
                    In realizing this lifelong dream, my only regret is departing the South Minneapolis neighborhood which has been so good to me and my family. We outgrew the building, but not you. And I promise we will continue ongoing delivery service to the great neighborhood which helped build us.
                    Thank you for your continued support and helping make this a reality! Look for more details posted soon. Sincerely, Rich Moore.

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                      Happy for them, not so happy for me. I live a few blocks from DiNoko's and it is/was the only decent pizza delivery option in the neighborhood. Any other pizza (for us, anyway) involves drives to Biga, Punch, or Broders.

                      I hope that someone else with a solid product comes into that space and keeps serving the neighborhood.

                      1. re: foreverhungry

                        You did read that delivery to your area is to continue, right?

                        1. re: ChillyDog

                          The tears in my eyes evidently blocked the last few sentences. Thanks for pointing that out.

                          I'd be skeptical of delivery from the Metrodome area to the Lake Nokomi area in terms of how good the pizza will be after that long in a box, but I'd imagine the Chicago style might not suffer as much as Neopolitan styles do.

                      2. re: gromit

                        I read about this a few days ago as well. I'm sad because I live just outside of South Mpls and likely won't still be able to get delivery. I used to drive over there to get pies but will find it harder to drive to downtown unless I'm going to eat there, which I will definitely do but just not as often.

                        1. re: GutGrease

                          They let you pick up? I thought they were delivery only.

                          PM or email me if your want. We can gt together for a last pickup.

                          1. re: foreverhungry

                            I've almost always done pickup since they were such a small operation. I felt bad making them drive to the end of their delivery area. Sorry though, I'm heading up for a last walleye trip tonight so my Di Nokos binge will have to wait for the new restaurant. More pizza for you! Great as leftovers.

                            Speaking of which, I've always thought that it would be great to get a take-and-bake pie from them. What could be better