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Aug 30, 2011 01:33 PM

Dim Sum (Menu style)

So my sister is coming with me to Boston and she's craving dim sum, but the only places I know of (Hei La Moon and China Pearl) are push cart style which she hates.

Can you guys suggest some dim sum restaurants in Boston, preferably near Chinatown, that have menus?

Also, what's the best bakery for egg tarts?


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    1. Agree on Winsor. For egg tarts (and the "Portuguese tart," which I think is even better) I woudl go to Great Taste.

      1. Winsor is very good. I also really like Bubor's dim sum.

        1. Windsor Cafe.
          China Pearl (restaurant not bakery) across the street actually had the best egg tarts (the small ones) a while back (though it's gone downhill)...nice flaky crust. The Windsor ones aren't bad either. Depends a lot on how you rate tarts...crust is an important element for me...

          China Pearl
          237 Quincy Ave, Quincy, MA

          1. As others have said, Winsor.

            However, Great Taste also has menu-style dim sum. I think it's served until 3p or 4p daily.

            Great Taste Bakery & Restaurant
            63 Beach St, Boston, MA