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Dim Sum (Menu style)

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So my sister is coming with me to Boston and she's craving dim sum, but the only places I know of (Hei La Moon and China Pearl) are push cart style which she hates.

Can you guys suggest some dim sum restaurants in Boston, preferably near Chinatown, that have menus?

Also, what's the best bakery for egg tarts?


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  1. Winsor is menu-style.

    1. Agree on Winsor. For egg tarts (and the "Portuguese tart," which I think is even better) I woudl go to Great Taste.

      1. Winsor is very good. I also really like Bubor's dim sum.

        1. Windsor Cafe.
          China Pearl (restaurant not bakery) across the street actually had the best egg tarts (the small ones) a while back (though it's gone downhill)...nice flaky crust. The Windsor ones aren't bad either. Depends a lot on how you rate tarts...crust is an important element for me...

          China Pearl
          237 Quincy Ave, Quincy, MA

          1. As others have said, Winsor.

            However, Great Taste also has menu-style dim sum. I think it's served until 3p or 4p daily.

            Great Taste Bakery & Restaurant
            63 Beach St, Boston, MA

            1. Great Taste. The quality of many of the items is actually inferior to the carts at HLM, but the ham soi gok for example is excellent. You have to get up and walk over to the bakery half to get bakery items but you'll be rewarded with superlative $1 egg tarts and po tarts, not to be missed. Also they make excellent milk tea.

              1. Without a doubt, Winsor Dim Sum Cafe.

                Winsor Dim Sum Cafe
                10 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111

                1. Winsor Dim Sum is the only menu style dim sum I know of. It's also the best dim sum I've had.

                  Winsor Dim Sum Cafe
                  10 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111

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                    Actually, there are quite a few places that serve dim sum from menus. In Chinatown there's also Great Taste and Bubor Cha Cha, as mentioned in several posts above.

                    Outside of Chinatown, there are a number of places that serve Taiwanese dim sum from menus, including Shangri-La in Belmont and Chung Shin Yuan in Newton. I believe that both Jo Jo Taipei and Shanghai Gate in Allston serve menu-based dim sum on weekends (although weirdly I've never been to either place for dim sum), and there's always Mary Chung's in Cambridge.

                  2. Has anyone mentioned Winsor? Great place.

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                    1. re: Ricardo Malocchio

                      Haha, subtle.

                    2. Thanks for the replies, judging from what I've read I think I'm going to go to Winsor for dim sum and Great Taste for egg tarts.

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                      1. re: yee33162

                        I would definitely recommend Winsor as well, which is my favorite place for Cantonese Dim Sum no matter the kind of ordering.

                        But just to add two more places to the mix: Green Tea 2 in Newton is fairly unique in offering both Cantonese Dim Sum and Taiwanese brunch items on weekends, from opposite sides of the same menu. And there's also the Dim Sum Chef in the Super 88/Hong Kong Market food court in Allston. I used to think Dim Sum Chef was pretty bad, but I nibbled from a friend's dim sum there just the other day, and the turnip cake and eggplant were both pretty good, although the beef shortrib was pretty bad. I think I might upgrade them to "acceptable", especially since you can always order a dim sum or two and supplement them with items from the other stalls.

                        Green Tea Restaurant
                        24 Elliot St, Newton Highlands, MA 02461

                        Dim Sum Chef
                        1095 Commonwealth Ave Ste 214, Boston, MA 02215

                        1. re: lipoff

                          i always enjoy the steamed rice noodle with roast pork (with or without preserved duck egg) and the rice paper wrapped shrimp roll w/ sesame seeds at Dim Sum Chef. Their har gow are also good. Not as much a fan of Green Tea though.

                          1. re: lipoff

                            I would say the "acceptable" rating is appropriate. If I'm not in the mood for banh mi (rarely), I sometimes get dim sum from Dim Sum Chef. My kids love the hargau, so I usually at least order those no matter which stall I'm ordering from. They're pretty decent. If I'm ordering there as well, we'll also get shumai, turnip cake, and bbq pork bao. All are definitely "acceptable" if not awesome.

                            Dim Sum Chef
                            1095 Commonwealth Ave Ste 214, Boston, MA 02215