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Aug 30, 2011 01:10 PM

looking for Minor's chicken base in Hartford, Ct area

Does anyone know where I could buy Minor's chick base? I've tried local Stop and Shop and Whole Foods, no luck. Thanks!

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  1. I don't know where it may be sold in CT, but here's their site:

    Good luck!

    1. BJ's wholesale club carries both the beef and the chicken. It's on the end of the soup aisle.

      1. They use to sell it at BJs. I went yesterday to get both chicken and beef...gone. It was cheap too! Now can only find online.

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          I got Minor's at BJ's club in Waterbury today. Not sure if they had it in its regular spot in the soup aisle because it was in a display of holiday ingredients along the center aisle. But as usual they had both beef and chicken.