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Aug 30, 2011 12:12 PM

Want glass baby food jar from 70's or 80's

Have a treasured Christmas decoration son made me with an old short 4 oz - 6oz baby food jar. Lid is 2 3/16" in diameter & has been enameled & decorated, but jar it fits on broke. Old lids won't fit on new jars. Old lid is probably Beech Nut, but think Gerber jars where similar. Lids back then had an extra raised area on top just past the edge. Under side had four small bumps that were part of the edge. These bumps made the lid screw on to the jar. Does anyone have one of these vintage glass baby food jars (don't need the lid) that you are willing to part with?

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    1. re: iL Divo

      No, ebay has a lot of the new style beech nut jars & lids. I need the jar that goes with the old style lids.There is a raised ridge on the top of the old beech nut lids & four bumps on the bottom. See photo below. (Edge of lid has been painted) and photo above posted previously. Old lids don't fit new jars.

      1. re: djwmej

        I have several of these jars that are gerber. I found in my grandmothers house. I would be very glad to send you one. You can email me your address to i live in alabama and my name is carla.