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Aug 30, 2011 11:03 AM

Slow but sure

I love to 'savor the flavor' so, consequently, I eat rather slowly whereas others at the table seem to snarf their food so quickly in comparison. At home, it doesn't bother me that I wind up still eating when others have finished but if I'm out with other family members or friends, either at their home or a restaurant, I get embarrassed when they've finished and I'm still stuffing it down. Usually I'll try to speed it up or just not finish what's on my plate. What do you folks do if you're the fast or slow eater?

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  1. Strive to be the next to last person done.

      1. True to my nickname, I am usually the last one done. Friends and family understand and let me finish my plate without comment. If I'm at a business meal, however, I choose a dish that isn't too much food and will leave some behind if it looks like I'm going to hold everyone else up. I will not, however, be forcibly rushed. I just never learned how to eat quickly.

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          I don't want to learn to eat fast. I can't help but think fast eaters don't enjoy their food. Besides, if I'm not mistaken, eating slowly is better for digestion.

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            Indeed it is. Plus, it takes about 15 minutes for the message "I'm full" to reach the brain once the stomach is sated, so eating slowly reduces the tendency to overeat.

        2. My wife is an extremely slow eater, and there's nothing to be done about it, she's a small person with a small mouth who will not be rushed. But she also has a very limited capacity, so when we go out she will frequently order an appetizer as her main course, which gives her the chance to finish eating about the same time as everyone else since she gets less to eat in the first place.

          And I am not about to complain - the gal is flirting with retirement age and still a very shapely size 4.

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            Like your wife, I can manage only so much at one time. Once or twice it has become embarassing, and my solution was probably not the best: I asked to have my plate removed with the rest of the other diners' plates, and wasn't at all comfortable asking to have it wrapped, so a. went hungry, b. wasted some nice food.

          2. My husband's a fast eater and I'm a slow one. Neither one of us feels embarrassed and when we are in a group there seems to be people across the spectrum. I would bet the fast eaters are the ones "stuffing it down" not you so enjoy yourself and don't worry about it.