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Apr 3, 2006 02:05 AM


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i know that in turket there is an ice cream that... stretches?!? i have never eaten them but sounds really interesting and delicious. can anyone tell me if they have this ice cream anywhere in la?

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  1. What makes it stretch? Does it stretch because of the amount of starch in it?

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      Das Ubergeek

      Some of the (Persian) flavours at Mashti Malone's "stretch"... I know for sure the rosewater flavour does.

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        You can also get a pint of flavors like rosewater saffron at Bristol Farms.

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          just an FYI, Mashti Malone's Glendale store has closed.

        2. Turkish ice cream - dondurma - is quite good. My guess is that someone was describing the flavor of "Pistacia lentiscus" - mastic. The sap, also called chios gum, chios mastic, greek gum. Wikipedia (just looked now) calls it a resin not a sap.
          The flavor isn't exclusively turkish. You find it in Greek food, and also in Italian food, especially from Calabria (called lentischio)and Sardinia. It's also grown in France, esp. Provence (lentisque).
          Wikipedia claims that mastic is essential for turkish ice cream. it isn't. Just for one variety. Mastic is also used to flavor puddings (sakiz muhallebi)-

          has info on mastic ice cream in C,es,me, near Izmir/Smyrna.
          the word for the island of Chios, the center of the mastic trade, in Turksih is Sakiz Adassi (Island), Sakiz also being the word for mastic.

          If you really want to try it here, call
          Sunset Grill Restaurant - 200 Main St #105, Huntington Beach - (714) 969-2233
          Tosh's Mediterranean Cuisine - 16871 Beach Blvd. Huntington Beach - (714) 842-3315
          and ask them if they have (or can make) Sakiz Dondurma.


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            sorry - sakizli dondurma.

          2. Anyone know where to find this other than in the south bay? It looks beautiful...


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              The Anatolian festival earlier this month sold both a chocolate and rose water flavored version of this "Turkish Ice Cream" .

              They had a special cooler for the ice cream and the man serving the ice cream used a sword-like utensil to serve the ice cream on cones. It was good and the texture was very thick and "chewy". I think outside of the texture, it tasted like ice cream that you can find at Mashti Malone's.

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                Good job, misseatalot, you found what I was searching for!!