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Aug 30, 2011 09:05 AM

Rehearsal Dinner spots nearish to St. Lawrence Market

Trying to nail down a good place for a rehearsal dinner near Jarvis/SLM area, ideally somewhere inside Yonge/Parliament and Carlton/Front. It would be on a Friday night in early February.

- $35ish per person (food only)
- Private or semi-private area is needed for about 25 guests
- Nice/warm atmosphere a big plus
- More standard fare (Italian, North Americanesque, etc.)
- We'd prefer to err on the side of casual over stuffy, good pubs over fancy French restaurants, etc.

I thought of Terroni Adelaide, Mercatto (Toronto St), Gilead, and Harlem. Not sure if they could all handle a large group, ideally with a privatesque area. Really as long as we're not screaming over each other in a big loud place, we'd probably be OK.

Any other thoughts? Weezie's too pricey? Any good Jarvis strip places?

Thanks all !

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  1. How about Romagna Mia, which is now called Paganellis:

    1. What restaurant did you decide on for your rehearsal dinner? We are looking for something with all of your criteria in the St.Lawrence Market area as well.