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Aug 30, 2011 06:03 AM

Looking for Hudson Valley rec's

I just booked an impromptu trip up the Hudson River tomorrow through Labor Day. Unfortunately, due to time, I have not been able to and probably won’t be able to do much research before heading out.

On Wed night (7:30p) I will be traveling from Newark airport to Beacon (spend Thursday at the Dia). Looking for anyplace worth stopping for dinner (not Manhattan) that stays open past 9:00 PM…thoughts?

I’ll be spending Thursday night in Rhinebeck and Sat/Sunday in Hudson. Does anyone have recommendations for any of these towns or anywhere in between on my way up?

Driving from Hudson to JFK on Sunday.

I’m down for ANYTHING (breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner) from high to low end, ethnic, charcuterie, craft cocktails/beer, etc.


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  1. In Rhinebeck, we just had a really nice dinner at Arielle on Friday night. There's also Le Petit Bistro and a new place I had wanted to try, Local, but they were closed for vacation. For breakfast, a trip to Hyde Park and the Everready Diner is fun, or in Rhinebeck, Pete's on Market street for local flavor.

    1. Though there are decent places in Rhinebeck, my favorite place in the area (10 minutes at most from Rhinebeck) is Mercato in Red Hook. Superb authentic Italian, great atmosphere. We have to drive 30 minutes to get there, but it is well worth it. Also like Madalin's Table in Tivoli a lot. In Hudson, best dinner bets are Swoon and Helsinki, best lunch Ca Mea. If you don't mind driving a bit from Hudson, try Carolina House in Kinderhook, The Greens at Copake Country Club, or Swiss Hutte in Hillsdale. Pleae report after and let us know how it all turns out.

      1. Thank you both. We are here now and will definitely be hitting some of these up!

        1. May want to check how may of these places are open and not damaged from the massive flooding that devastated much of the area up there.

          Rhinebeck doesn't even have water.

          1. A quick update, way overdue, from our trip...
            Route: Beacon – Rhinebeck – Hudson
            “84 Diner” (Beacon, Late-Dinner) - Due to timing (late night) I grudgingly began the trip at this highway diner. What a pleasant surprise. I’m no diner expert, but while somewhat simple this was solid food with really wonderful service and a hometown feel. Large menu but everything coming out looked good. I had the grilled cheese with fries – recommended.

            Ixtapa Taco truck (in Newburgh just outside of Beacon by the Family Dollar storefront, Lunch). It’s easy to get lost coming here but totally worth the trip. Coming from California I didn’t know what to expect in terms of authenticity but was again pleasantly surprised. I think tacos are the key here – carne asada, lengua, cabeza etc. all delicious. Super cheap – stop here if you’re craving Mexican food like I always do when away from home.

            The RhineCliff (Rhinecliff, Drinks): Do not miss the sunset here! Beautiful view looking directly over the Hudson River. We did not eat here, and to be honest I probably wouldn’t want to unless I was in town for an extended time, but they have a very nice cocktail program going on. Mostly of the classic variety, and a bit overpriced but they go down very well with that incredible view.

            Mercato (Red Hook, Dinner): Let me begin with an apology as I know this is going to flair some tempers, but I just really wasn’t impressed by this place. I know, I know. It was one of the most highly recommended restaurants of the trip and maybe I had unfair expectations, but it simply didn’t come together for me. They were out of a number of their nightly specials as well as their menu items and we settled on 2 antipasti's, an insalate, a primi and a secondi. Nothing wowed me and to be honest I found some of the dishes to be flat out bland. I really wish we would have stopped at the recently opened “The Local” instead. I will say that our server was great and helped us walk through a number of wines before we were able to settle on something we liked. The interior is quaint with a good vibe, but the seating arrangements were a bit cramped. Perhaps the normal chef was out of town?

            Terrapin (Rhinebeck, Lunch): AVOID. This place was a total tourist trap. We stopped in for lunch and I knew right away we should have kept walking. The interior looked dirty/dingy to me, the patio was loud, the menu was boring and the food was below average. No love in the kitchen here – everything just seemed disconnected.

            Swoon (Hudson, Dinner): Loved this place – a excellent introduction to Hudson. Interesting menu, seasonal ingredients, nice ambiance and some very impressive cocktails (made by a very cool bartender). We had the charcuterie platter, oysters, salads, duck, fish – all were terrific and very fresh. This place was hitting on all points for me. A must stop in my opinion.
            Tortilla Ville (Hudson, Lunch): Cool food truck parked in a small lot right on main street. More of a modern spin on Mexican, very clean/fresh with good flavor. Ordering was a bit of a pain and I can see the wait being brutal but overall a quaint little place to stop for a light lunch/snack.

            Main Street Public House (Philmont, Bar): Stopped in for a quick beer. Ended up staying awhile and enjoying a variety of local beers and chatting with the owner who came out from California to open it (back) up. Splendid patio to kick back on and enjoy this small town’s charm. They serve lunch/dinner but we already had dinner reservations down the road. Definitely worth a stop to say hello and try out some notable micro-brews.
            Local 111 (Philmont, Dinner): Located just outside of Hudson I cannot say enough positive things about this place – simply delicious! Much like Swoon it had an interesting menu, seasonal ingredients, nice ambiance – everything was spot on and would be a hit in any town. If you come to Hudson you must make the quick trip up here - highly recommended!

            Bear Café (Woodstock, brunch): I wanted to stop in Woodstock on the way home – and without doing much research stopped here not expecting much. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. Reviews made this place sound somewhat corporate and outdated but I totally disagree. We sat outside in their lovely patio, located right next to the running stream (the view is beautiful) and I enjoyed what I may call the best eggs benedict I’ve ever eaten. And, no, this was far from being my first benedict. Bloody Mary’s were tasty – service was good. If you come make sure to sit in the patio – not to do so would be a crime.

            Thanks everyone for your help! Hope anyone heading out for the first time enjoys the Hudson Valley as much as we did…

            61 E Market St, Red Hook, NY

            The Public House
            139 Fifth Ave, Pelham, NY 10803

            Local 111
            111 Main St, Philmont, NY 12565